Don’t let appearances deceive you

Yesterday when I was out with the family and decided to get some lunch I needed something to drink. I decided to get myself one of these. I was in need of a sugar hit and felt that this would be perfect – and I was right!

You’re probably looking at this and thinking “But that’s healthy”. It’s green tea with a bit of mango. Fruit and green tea are good right?

The first thing I did (after having a mouthful because I really needed that sugar hit) was look at the ingredients list.

Ingredients: Water, Sucrose, Fructose, Mango Juice from Concentrate (4.8%), Green Tea Powder (0.15%), Food Acid (330), Antioxidant (300), Flavour, Black Tea Powder (0.01%).

Let’s see in the first FOUR ingredients (remember that they list ingredients from most to least) are three types of sugar in the form of sucrose, fructose and juice concentrate. Really, this is no healthier than drinking a can of coke. Actually the GG pointed out that if I had purchased a coke from McDonalds, it is a mixture of post mix (syrup) and soda water. It would possibly have been better for me.

Let’s look at the nutritional panel now

Nestea Green Tea Mango NIP 500ml - July 2013

Sugars come in at 30g. Remembering that 4g = 1 teaspoon that makes about 71/2 teaspoons of sugar in water. Add in a bit of green tea powder (what is that anyway?) and you can see how companies are misleading the consumers of today.

A much cheaper and healthier alternative would be to brew your own green tea at home. Wait until it cools and then throw it in the blender with some mango or pulp up the mango and sieve it to get some juice. No added sugars and all natural.


37 thoughts on “Don’t let appearances deceive you

  1. You are right, it looked like healthy, but was not. Always better to make your own refreshments and then use the fridge for cooling. For drivings I use to have at least water in the freezer in the summertime here, and then bring this in the car. It melts and are drinkable. Very nice.
    Thanks for sharing and being awake Sue.


  2. We recently took our children to a “Kids Fair” at the mall. One booth had several popular drinks sitting in a row with the amount of sugar found in them measured out and sitting in front. It’s pretty amazing and reminds me of what they called a “super-saturated mixture” in middle school science.
    I wonder what tricks they have to use to get that much sugar to remain suspended in such a relatively small amount of liquid?


    1. It certainly does take time to read the labels. In this case I knowingly drank something that was bad for me however since I largely only drink water or tea, I didn’t beat myself up too much about it.


  3. Always read the labels. Doesn’t everyone want to know what they are putting in their bodies. I had heard this Iced tea was full of sugar. Soft drinks and juices are also crammed full of the “white death” (or so it is called)


  4. I drink that sometimes…I feel totally duped…and stoopid since I am usually the one reading backs of Big Food products…I think I knew and just didn’t want to. It’s soooo yummy, but ok I take this as a sign. No more.


    1. I can’t say that I’ve checked out the salt content. In this climate, I’m thinking a little extra salt now and then wouldn’t hurt too much.
      I’ve also discovered that those fruit flavoured waters are a big no-no.


  5. While I didn’t think it was particularly healthy, I did think it would be a better choice than soda. Now, the concoction of brewing your own green tea and blending it with fruit sounds truly yummy, but I’ve already found a lot of “healthier” bottled options are completely misleading.


  6. I never like canned iced tea, it always tastes too sweet. And if flavored with lemon, tastes bitter, but not in a good way.
    It costs so little to make a gallon of home tea. And so much yummier too.


  7. I have not ever drunk these types of drinks before and not being a fan if any kind of tea or coffee, I ordinarily would not know, but I did see some clips in a juicing video that outlined the content of some drinks and these were covered as some of the unhealthy ones.

    If I had not seen that, I would have had no idea. Pretty deceiving at a glance, for sure!


  8. uuuggghhhh – frustrating right – as you remind me every so often ‘all about the money!’
    These folk know we are going to thirsty when out and about – sugar sugar sugar – everywhere you look. Mum was diabetic – so she would always choose the diet drinks with that wonderful aspartum in – probably was the death of her frankly with the terrible side effects it causes. Literally drove her bat shit crazy. Maybe I I should look for more info and send it to you? A post on that would work well with this one – you think?


    1. I remember in the 80’s reading a Hansard Report (a report of a session of parliament) where they were discussing the effects of aspartame. I have never touched anything with aspartame in it since. And none of what was discussed in parliament ever made it out into the media interestingly enough.


      1. Yeah – it would not would it? HOW many things like this are there out there? I think we should start a ‘conspiracy’ to poison society blog! 😉
        I tell you what – I just found out recently – and stopped drinking drinks with it in – MAN – the difference is ridiculous – even my dad commented — and we discussed mum. Was a bit sad right. ANyhoo…up on onwards


        1. See the effects are only becoming apparent now. In the 80’s when aspartame was the ‘new’ thing instead of saccharine people were already raising concerns with politicians who were discussing it. Interesting huh?


          1. Painfully annoying actually. Like a few other things (I AM thinking vaccines – but that is a leeeettle contentious…and I AM still not sure which side of the fence I am on with it :/


  9. First off—what does energy equate to?
    My thought for healthy food/drink rules, if it comes from a can, box, or bottle = not good for you. I don’t particularly follow these rules, but my daughter has me freaked out over plastic bottles. Something to do with the chemicals used to make the bottles that leach into the contents. Same thing happens to canned vegetables–like canned tomatoes.


    1. Energy is your calories or kilojoules.
      I think the only concern you need to have about the plastic bottles is if they are kept in a car on a hot day, then stuff from the plastic leaches into the contents. I drink for a plastic bottle most days but it sits on my desk at work in the air conditioning.


      1. Oh, I like Energy better than Calories. Calories have become a bad word for me–especially on the side of the ice cream carton. Those little pint cartons I used to eat, are 3 servings. What a shock when I finally read the entire label.

        My daughter is one of those environmental hippies. She freaks me out about all kinds of things in the food department.


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