Guest Blog Post at Deliberating Dave

The lovely Dave from Deliberating Dave has asked me to write a couple of posts for him in relation to politics. I don’t normally do politics on my blog because I don’t understand a heck of a lot about them apart from when it is shoved in my face at election time. (Well, that’s not quite true, I do know a little bit).
Apparently there are a couple of issues in the U.S. right now and Australia is being used an example of these things. One of these is gun control. I spent an evening researching this last week and learned some really interesting stuff. I also began reading about the Port Arthur Massacre which I speak about in my first paragraph but had to stop reading because the tears had begun to fall. (dang hormones again).

So here is the link to my post should you wish to read it since I have been unable to reblog. “My Thoughts on Gun Control”.

While you’re there, check out Dave’s blog. He is an extremely insightful writer.

11 thoughts on “Guest Blog Post at Deliberating Dave

  1. Very interesting article. Way to go to the Attorney General for standing up to the NRA. The NRA falsifies, or neglects pertinent facts. There are people who actually believe all the crap they dish out. I have nothing against gun ownership, it’s the automatic weapons which I see as unnecessary. I have many friends who carry a pistol, my husband has one, as well as hunting guns—I live in the world of too much trust. If it is my time to go, it is my time. I refuse to live as if every person I come into contact with is a potential dangerous shooter. But that’s just me.


    1. The way I see it April is that there are two sides to every argument. Unfortunately I don’t believe it is a right to own an automatic weapon. That’s just too much responsibility for this little black duck to handle.


      1. There are two sides. But I’m going to keep my head buried in the sand. However, I would like to see those automatic rifles banned. I have another long soap box lecture, but there are so many narrow minded people–such as the one’s who feed off the NRA, who wouldn’t care, so why bother with my opinions?


        1. If I may insert myself into this thread I have a couple of thoughts.

          First, I was going to say that full-auto rifles are illegal for civilians in the USA. However, I did a little research and found that I was wrong. They are available to civilians but the procurement is severely restricted federally. The Federal government required background checks and permits for automatic weapons. In addition, many states have banned them altogether. Personally, I don’t think automatic weapons are necessary for civilians.

          Second, I hope that you will continue to share your opinions April. Opinions not shared are quickly forgotten. Issues advance (in one direction or another) and the concerns we initially had become moot points in the face of new issues. I, for one, am all in favor of individuals sharing their opinions.


          1. I hesitate because I have been blasted out of the water with some of my comments. Anyway, here goes.

            When our government was founded, and the Constitution and Bill of Rights, our world is a much different world. I need to gather my thoughts about this, but I will respond to this thread with more of my thoughts.


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