Things that make you smile…

Downloading photos from my camera and I find these. The Tween strikes again!



18 thoughts on “Things that make you smile…

    1. She’s the queen of it. I’m going to have the best fun at her 21st birthday party with all of the photos she has taken of herself. There were actually quite a few more but didn’t want to embarrass her too much.


  1. I found a bunch of the Wee One on the computer. He doesn’t know it but I saved them. You may have just inspired me to expose his selfies. Especially the ones he gave a lot of thought to.


    1. Ha ha – too funny. We did that with a lady at work’s phone. She had left it at work one day when she went home so a couple of us took a selfie and pasted it as her background wall paper! 🙂


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