Fabric, fabric everywhere…..

and the GG rolls his eyes 😀

Now that Christmas is over, I have to put my christmas quilt away. We like to have something on the couch to put over us when it is cooler. I decided to make another quilt. The GG just put his fingers in his ears and began singing ‘la la la la la’. 😀
So I finally finished it – and it now sits folded on the edge of the lounge (couch).

ImageMy thoughts have turned to making a quilt for the Tween’s king single bed. I am going to use the same pattern that I have for this but I am modifying it. (I sure hope THAT works out lol). I figured that I would need 120 squares to get it all together. I worked out how much fabric I would need, and then added a little extra in case of stuff ups and then the Tween and I went about finding the right fabrics. Even with a quilting fabric sale at Spotlight, we spent more than it would cost to buy three quilt sets 😦
I set about washing all the fabric the other day.
ImageThat’s just some of the fat quarters (I needed about 55) for the top. The backing and the fabric to be used for the tracks and edging took up another load.

And for another project (I know, I know), so that my scraps aren’t wasted I am cutting out little hexagons that I can hand sew at night whilst watching MKR (My Kitchen Rules). Eventually I will start sewing these all together to make something lol

ImageAnd yes, it is still all over the dining room table. And yes, the GG did roll his eyes when asked by Miss Five “Why is there always stuff on your table Pa”? But it’s fun!!!


44 thoughts on “Fabric, fabric everywhere…..

      1. I’m laughing here because I once took a sewing class as a young girl and the lady said, “some of us are good at some things and some of us are good at others….what other hobbies do you have?” hehe Putting a button on is talent! 😉


  1. You are so very talentet Sue. It is really beautiful.
    In my house the dinner table also has creativity to show, always something. I think, that is the way, when we are creative. We need space and a lot of it.
    Thanks for sharing, I hope that you will show us The Teens quilt, when you have ended that too.


    1. Thank you Deborah. I started my quilting off small by making a table runner but I’m working my way up. This is a quilt as you go pattern so I am making quilted squares to eventually join together. I’m using the same pattern as this one but adding a frill around the edge.


  2. What a beauty! And I love those hexagons. Maybe I should send you all the unfinished things I’ve pieced but got tired of working on….I’ve got some cute pieced teapot squares.. more for your dining room table 😉 And Miss Five has it right… “it’s fun”- now that is how I would want someone to think of me. What better?


  3. I’m not big (in fact I’m not at all) into a lot of the homemaking skills but am always in awe of the beautiful appearance of quilts ( and of other things made and things baked too). They must be personally satisfying to finish and be able to say “I did that!”


  4. My mom made all of the grandkids a quilt when they were born, and each of the kids loved it more than anything else. It’s great to have a craft that you can create heirlooms with and items that will get handed down for generations! Most of my quilts and afghans came from my grandparents or great-grant parents!


    1. That’s awesome Kate. That’s what I told the Tween. She will have this forever. My son still has the huge cot blanket I crocheted for him when I was pregnant with him.


  5. Great looking quilt, and I appreciate just how much work goes into making it, Ana has a similar passion and theres bits and pieces everywhere, I hate to see what she has in her hidden boxes.
    Ian aka Emu


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