Mid Week Catch-up

I am enjoying my week at home and spending time with my family. We have been pretty much out and about every day and today is no exception. Today we are going through the city to another shopping centre (yay) that I haven’t been to since I was a child. The middle child is getting new tyres on his car and his brother in law is doing this for him but we have to travel over an hour to get there. Tonight, the children have invited friends over for cocktails. The Garden Gnome will finally get to christen his bar.
I’ve got some photos to share. We did go to the Coast but the middle child was more interested in going to the tourist strip and spending time in Surfers Paradise. Although this is the busiest beach on the Gold Coast it is a little too commercial for my liking. We spent our day wandering shops and then had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe (ouch on the bill at the end) before going to Ripleys. The middle child and the Tween went to Infinity but the rest of us weren’t interested. Oh! I forgot we spent time in Timezone playing games for a while also. As I said, not my idea of a day spent on the coast but it is what it is.
I’ve also included some sunset photos from our outing to dinner with family on Monday night and a shot of the bats in one of the towns. This photo is only a fraction of the number flying in the sky.
So here are some photos for you to enjoy (or not lol).


26 thoughts on “Mid Week Catch-up

  1. It sounds like you’re having a wonderful time, even though the activities are not all your top choice. It’s terrific to have time with family. The pictures of the coast are beautiful. Plus, everyone’s wearing shorts. I wish it was warm enough here to do that. It’s good to hear from you.


    1. And that was only a fraction of them Laura. The people who live near that colony are not happy because they are unable to drink their tank water and the smell is driving them ‘batty’ (pardon the pun). lol


      1. hahaahha! I’m cracking up at the pun. Nice to know someone else would think of that. But yes, I can imagine that wouldn’t be a fun thing to be near. We have bats up at our mountain house and they like to hang out under the overhang on our deck. In the morning, I’d have to get up and sweep up the scorpion shells left on the deck, lol. Yup, no fun indeed!


  2. Those bats are scary!! Loved seeing the beach & people in shorts…. love the shoe quote on the wall in the store as I am a great collector of shoes. Looks like an enjoyable time all around.


  3. Thanks for taking time to share with us. A lot of us a stuck in the cold, and are dreaming of days like those in your photos. I like the shoe quote as well, even though I am more of a boot kind of gal, I have more than I need—but I need more. πŸ™‚


  4. It’s currently a balmy -11 deg C here in Ottawa at the moment. Don’t be jealous. Ice wine can’t be beat. Ice fishing is great. Beer chills rapidly on the back step. No need for an ice maker to fill the champagne bucket, either.


  5. Its lovely to see all the bats! There’s a fungus here in the US that eats the noses of bats and kills them. Seriously! We are losing our honey bees as well. Mother nature is not happy with the environment here….
    On a lighter note, it sounds like you are having fun – yeah!


    1. You know Val, whilst I have nothing at all against the bats, the colony is huge (approximately a couple of thousand bats) and they have roosted on the edge of a small town right near the main commercial area. The sheer vastness of the colony is causing problems for the people of the town however the bats are protected by law and they are not allowed to move them on.
      And yes, whilst I am having fun I think I now need some quiet time. lol


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