Tuesday Update

Just a quick one today my friends – Sorry.

I need to get back into my normal posting routine once more but it is slow to happen 🙂
After yesterday’s post about selfies on the Internet, I have changed my post titles and edited the post content and tags on the offending posts. A quick Google search after that and I found plenty of disturbing stuff but nothing linking back to my blog. Phew!
I also did a Google search on my Tween’s name and found only one photo of her that had been taken by me and artistically altered. I did however find that she now has a Picasa account and likes to post comments on You Tube. None of these cause me much concern apart from the fact that I have found a lot of my photos on her Pintrest and Picasa accounts. Must talk to her about that – particularly as they are great photos that need to have my watermark put on them.

So, today I am off to the ENT for the results of my tests. I had the Hearing and Balance test last week and an MRI last night (hence no posting or commenting). My biggest fear is that he is going to say “We can’t find anything wrong”. My eye sight in my left eye has deteriorated in the past two weeks also so if he says he can’t find anything I am going to push for a referral to someone else.

Everyone at home is just fine and dandy and life keeps ticking along. My middle child and his wife left us on the weekend to go to spend time with her parents. My Tween has decided that since the letters are wearing off my computer keyboard and her father (the GG) is having difficulty with this, she would paint the letters in with whiteout. Not a pleasant typing experience at all now.

The Diva (a.k.a. Her Royal Highness Princess Smudge) is happy as long as she is continually fed each evening. She really is a fussy cat and I must blog about her eating habits another time 😉 She is also happy that the Middle Child has gone as she was running out of hiding places and doesn’t like being picked up and petted very much at all.

Well today, is shaping up to be another hot day in paradise although it is overcast this morning. We may get showers or a late storm. Or we may not. The weather forecasters are having a tough time of predicting lately. 😉

Well this was just a check in. Take care all and have a blessed day.


16 thoughts on “Tuesday Update

  1. I think you solution to the photo problem was perfect. I really detest Google. I think the company has way too much power over what goes on in cyber space just by the way they index and their forever evolving SEO strategies. I use them as little as possible. I’ve completely ignored my account at Google+ and my Gmail account. I use Bing search instead.


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