Baby Steps

ImageI often talk about taking Baby Steps. I’ve actually got the words on my vision board for this year as a reminder to myself. This is because taking baby steps is something I truly believe.

Not many of us remember back to when we were babies and beginning to learn to walk. However, there wouldn’t be many amongst us who haven’t watched a toddler taking their first steps. The photo above is the first time the Tween ever stood and took her first step. Look at the determination on her face.
No child ever stood up and took off at a trot the first time they finally got to their feet and managed to stay there. There was a lot of hesitation involved, arms outstretched for balance and grim determination as they found their balance and took that tentative first step. Maybe they took two steps and rushed to complete a third before completely overbalancing and landing on their (well padded) bottoms.
However, once they had taken that first step they knew they could do it again and there was no holding them back from trying it once more.
Lao Tzu wrote “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.
In simple terms this means that no person ever got anywhere without putting one foot in front of the other and making a starting point. The only place we can be without forward motion is ‘stopped’.
At a stand still.
Going nowhere.
Every person has dreams and desires. We all want to give up something (or take something up). We wish to achieve peace, happiness or enlightenment within our lives. We are attempting to claw our way out of the dark places that we somehow find ourselves in.
Really, the list is endless of the things we wish to move forward with.
There are almost as many reasons for staying still and being safe with where we are right now.
I often comment on the blog posts of others “Baby steps – one step at a time”. Those of you who have received these comments from me are no doubt nodding in acknowledgement of this fact.
I also like to say “Put one foot in front of the other” because really that is all we can do.
Just as there is no future in looking back, there is no future in remaining stationary either.
I am not going to sugar coat things. Taking these baby steps will hurt.
After all, we are exercising ‘muscles’ we haven’t used in a while.
And it won’t be easy.
We may make progress before stumbling and falling. A little progress is better than no progress after all.
When we fall, we have two choices. We can either choose to stay down there or we can get to our feet again and try once more to put one foot in front of the other and ‘move confidently in the direction of our dreams’.
No toddler ever learned to walk or move forward without getting to their feet time and time again and increasing their step count each time.
It takes expended effort to do this.
We will not move forward unless we also expend effort in doing so.
Harboring false hopes of hitting the ground running is only setting yourself up for failure. That’s not being kind to yourself and it’s not fair to do this.
Anything worth doing or having requires effort.
As I’ve said before “There is no magic pill”.
Be kind to yourself.
Don’t expect miracles.
Continue to put one foot in front of the other and take those ‘baby’ steps.

It won’t be long before you are running!


40 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. Very true! I think of this as it relates to bad habits I’ve learned over the years. When I step out and try something new, it feels awkward and strange, but the more I do it, the more it becomes engrained in me and part of my “normal” self. I’m laughing at my insertion of the word “normal”!


  2. I love your reminder. I do think about taking things slow, one step at a time, not expecting mastery immediately, but dangit, I get sooooo impatient. I’m working on it. 🙂


      1. Thanks for asking. A few hours to opening night and I hope the degree of anxiety I’m experiencing is just right. The experts tell me too much is too much and too little is too little. So, I’ll keep my legs (loops — fingers) crossed.


  3. Great post Sue! Very motivational. The quote you used is one of my all time favorites. It all starts with one step, one baby step. If we fall down on the way, that’s okay. We can always get back up. Also, the photo is a great representation of motivation, and adorable too.


  4. This message was meant to be read by me today! I really needed that reminder because I was getting really down about my efforts not producing the results I had in mind – so I will take your advice and just take another baby step forward…oh and how I love that picture, determination mixed with caution, she is adorable 🙂


    1. I actually did a scrapbook layout with this series of photos (yes there are more in the progression of her standing) called:
      You need three things to walk – courage, determination and a stick!
      I think I need a stick as well to help me take my baby steps. lol


  5. Wonderful post Sue, thank you. We are going to fall down but it is the getting up that matters. Even if we have to do so again and again and again. Lately I have felt that I’m taking one step forwards and two steps back. So, this came at the perfect time to remind me not to give up and to keep pressing through until I can walk a few steps without falling at all – and in the right direction I hope!
    Gorgeous pic and how I remember those terry nappies 🙂
    Sue, I’m not sure if you saw my post but I nominated you for Seven Awards. I’m not sure if you accept awards or not so forgive me if not, but I did just want you to know I was thinking of you.
    You can read about it here:


    1. Hi Sherri and thanks so much.
      I’ve decided with awards that if people wish to give them to me then I will with much gratefulness receive them however I won’t pass them on. There is so much work in awards so I have decided I will do a post on them and link back to the blogs who bestowed them but not pass them on. I hope that’s okay with you.
      It is so wonderful that you thought of me and I am truly thankful. 🙂 🙂


      1. You are very welcome Suz, and I fully understand. I just did three award’s posts and they took a very long time. Worth it in the end but I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep doing them as I am not getting on with my other writing half as much as I should be! I think your idea is a very good one and I might have to start copying it if you don’t mind! I already do that for awards I’ve already received.
        Still, I did want you to know I was thinking of you and that I think you and your wonderful blog deserve these awards and more.
        I hope you are having a great weekend 🙂


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