Wow!! Thank you all.

ImageThis morning I received this. I am humbled and eternally grateful.
When I began my blogging journey, it was to reach out to others who are going through rough times and to let them know that I understand. Tough times are not new to me as those of you who have been with me since the beginning will attest to.
What is even more wonderful to me is that this number has been reached after my conscious decision to step back from the computer a little and to reduce the number of posts that I make.
As we all journey through life, it helps to have a support network.
Thank you for being my on-line cyber support network.

Have a blessed day.

41 thoughts on “Wow!! Thank you all.

  1. You know Suzanne, it’s been you who has been supporting me and others. If I am helping you in return, I’m more than glad to do it.


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