Sunday Blessings

I know. For those of you reading this in Australia, it is already Monday however I am scheduling this on Sunday afternoon so it has to count for something right?
What a wonderful weekend it has been.

Yesterday we went garage sale-ing. I love garage sales but haven’t been to any for some time. This time it was the Garden Gnome’s idea to trawl the garage sales in town (and this time there was more than one) lol. I scored well picking up a teddy for my mother at the first one. We also fell in love with the dining setting that was for sale. After some discussion, a deal was done with plans to pick it up this morning (Sunday). At the next garage sale, I purchased sewing threads from an ex-seamstress. Nothing much else at this particular one unless I was in the market for parrot toys, collectable figurines or light fittings. The GG has taught me not to browse too much or the house owners start chatting to you and then you feel obligated to buy something. Isn’t that just typical male logic? lol
On to the next one and this family had something for everyone. The Tween did well at this one coming away with a crochet top and two pairs of hardly worn shoes. I bought a book (surprise surprise) on healthy shopping in Australia. I just need to put it into practice a little better than I have the past few weeks.
The last sale we called in to was on our way out to the nearest shopping centre 45 kilometres away. This garage sale was spread down the hill of the acreage lot. It was filled with old furniture and bric-a-brac. I was tempted to purchase a solid old desk that I believe may have been made of silky oak (under ugly brown paint) however as the GG pointed out, I still haven’t done anything with my great-Grandmother’s chairs yet. 😳 I did however purchase some old side plates, a saucer and a couple of very old dessert spoons. (Mum, the saucer is a Meakin). These will go beautifully with my mis-matched tea set I am putting together.
All of this cost the princely sum of $2.
I believe my purchases for the whole morning (excluding the dining setting and the Tween’s things) was $8.50. A good morning’s shopping to be sure.

I won’t bother you with the details of the shopping trip. I hate change rooms in stores and generally limit myself to purchasing things that don’t need to be tried on. Since I was spending a bit extra today to buy something for a wedding, I had to go through the trial of the dressing room mirrors. By the time we reached the last store (where I finally found something) the Garden Gnome had had enough and wanted to go home. The Tween was happy because she had found heaps of stuff on sale for her but the male in our group just wanted to get home to watch the first V8 supercar race of the season.

So today, I slept in until just after 7am after a night filled with strange dreams. I had to look up the meaning of a couple of things and if my dreams are to be believed, then good is coming 🙂 Yay me!! 😀
The Garden Gnome set out to empty the trailer at the tip and pick up the dining setting. Whilst he was gone, I cleared the dining area of my sewing machine and fabrics, cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed and did a few other things. He was gone forever. When he returned with the dining setting, he had one of his friends in tow. We figured that was what had taken him so long only to find out that the battery in the car had died whilst he was at the dump.
As table was too large to fit through the front door, he drove the car around into the back yard (not an easy feat) in order to carry the table inside. And it is gorgeous. Of course the GG is wondering how long before someone messes it up. lol

ImageWith some rearranging of our spare room, our old table was put in there so I could leave my sewing machine up. Let’s hope nobody comes to stay before I finish the quilt I’m working on, because that is a lot of stuff to move out lol
So, I spent the afternoon working on the Tween’s quilt. 75 squares done and dusted with another 45 squares to go.
Then I need to lay it all out on the floor to work out the placement and stitch the rows together. I don’t want to think further than that because I may get discouraged. lol


I am still using my off-cut pellon and fabric to cut out and prepare hexagons that I work on whilst I am watching tv at night. This is all completely hand sewn and when I am finished, it will be a lap rug for the lounge. It is growing slowly and steadily.
ImageSo, I have had a lovely weekend. I feel relaxed and happy. Of course tomorrow is Monday and I have to go to work, so we’ll see how long that feeling lasts 😉
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and you were able to find the blessings in the small thing.


35 thoughts on “Sunday Blessings

      1. After seeing those I thought they looked familiar so I went looking sure enough I have a skirt with one of those prints and a few solids of pastel panels…it is called a handkerchief skirt the ones with the funny hem. I knew I liked them ! 🙂


          1. haha I have a brand new in the box sewing machine…been that way for ten years…when I had to have the neighbor come over and thread it for me then got the tension all wrong I gave up. Now my eyes are so bad I can’t see to do any stitching and I loved to hand embrodiery but arthritus keeps me from doing that too. I really miss it. I envy those that are able to do hand or even machine work, and I would love to see a photo when you finish that quilt. I collect quilts and have one my grandmother and I made when I was ten it is a bonnet quilt. She was a quilter near all her life. oops I am rattling on aren’t I? sorry LOL


            1. All good Len. I love your story.
              I bought a huge magnifying glass so that I can thread the needle when I am hand sewing because between the light and my eyes it is such a difficult job. lol
              I upgraded my sewing machine last year and the GG told me that I had better make it worth the money I spent on it. So far, I’ve done that lol


  1. I love the colors in your quilt to be. and those hexagons are wonderful. You have such patience! What a beautiful table- and I found your entire post to be so uplifting and happy- I could feel what a good weekend you had! 🙂 🙂


  2. LOVE the quilt. And I share your emotion about laying the blocks out on the floor. I think that is the hardest part of making a quilt, especially when you step back to look at it and decide the center block would look better in another location, and the perfect block for the center is….well, you get my drift. And oh, my aching back from all that arranging.

    I’ve only done one garage sale because I know with my spending habits I would come home with more things I really don’t need, just impulse buying because it’s there, so I have to have it. The one I went to was one my sister had, and I arrived just as she had wrapped up the sale of my guitar. Not a nice move on her part, but she had decided to move to Colorado and was trying to get the money she needed for traveling expenses, I had left my guitar at mom’s house the last time my other sis and I played together, and it went into her garage sale.


    1. What a thing to do to you. That isn’t very nice at all. Not a great garage sale experience.
      I hear you on the arranging the blocks on the floor. My back is already aching in anticipation.


  3. What a wonderful time garage sailing and I have no teen in ages. No room now in this tiny apt., but used to enjoy it.
    That is going to be a beautiful quilt, and I hope the new to you dining set fits perfectly.
    Have good week.


  4. It is a beautiful table. The quilt looks like it’s coming along. Those moments where we get to spend time doing what we enjoy are perfect for the mood–providing we feel like doing them. 🙂


  5. I love the garage sales and that table, it is amazing what you can find in the way of old furniture that may just need a sanding back or a fresh coat of paint. We live in such a throw away society. The quilt looks gorgeous and will be a special keeper because it is hand made with love.


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