Mid-Week catch up

ImageThere you have it. In my own handwriting… my favourite quote. The one that has got me through so much in my life.
I wrote this letter to my son ummmmmm five or six years ago I think as he left to begin an adventure in Melbourne. It was so far away from us and we weren’t sure whether he would be able to last the distance. But he did. And we’re so proud of him.
Last night he messaged me that he had found this letter amongst his things and posted it to my It Goes On FB page. How fantastic is that?

Here we are in the middle of the week. I believe they call it Hump Day because once you’re over it, you’re on the downhill to the weekend. I find each day just blends into the next anyway so it’s just another day in the week. Actually Wednesdays are generally hectic at work as it is a group day and the buildings are filled with staff and clients. I’m so pleased for my early finish on Wednesdays.

Health wise – I had a doctor’s appointment late yesterday. She called me because of some abnormalities with the last lot of bloods taken. Now, we are monitoring my kidneys! It never rains but it pours apparently. I spoke with her about all the other issues I’ve been having. She is of the same opinion as the ENT that I need to live with the tinnitus and the balance issues I have developed. No. I don’t have a brain tumour (huge sigh of relief there). My eyes have been tested and the optometrist confirmed that yes, my eyesight had indeed deteriorated in the few months since my last visit. No. There are no underlying causes behind my eyes. Hopefully my new glasses will arrive this week and ease some of those issues there. No. I don’t have diabetes. Yes. I am otherwise quite healthy.
I just keep living each day and doing the best that I can.

I have begun my study. Last night was my first live webinar and I rushed home from the doctor’s to log onto the computer in time. As I pulled up to my driveway, the button wouldn’t open the roller door. *sigh* The battery must have died in it. Then I spotted one of our neighbours and her son walking up our path. Curious and curiouser. The GG and the Tween came out to meet them and they were pointing at something down the street. Apparently we were on low power – some things were running but lights and other stuff wasn’t. The GG had just gone out to shut down the power in the box because not running on full power can blow some stuff apparently.
Phew! I don’t need to replace the battery in the garage door opener.
Damn! My webinar starts in half an hour!
Full power came back on at the start of the webinar. However because the wi-fi had been rudely interrupted, it took several re-boots to get the internet back!! Late start on the webinar. 😳
I received my study plan last night for the first part of my study and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. There is so much to it. I know I can do it. I just keep telling myself this.

I have ideas for my book running through my head. I am working on re-writing my original proposal. I jot down notes during my lunch break at work.
I have to finish re-writing a short story I’ve been working on for some time and submit it as well. I’ve already missed one deadline for one story, now I’m working on another.

You know how Dory in Finding Nemo sings “Just keep swimming”. I’m chanting “Just keep busy”. Because when I am busy I am doing okay. I am not focusing on what is not going right in my life. I am being pro-active.

Today is Wednesday!!!! Bring it on.


36 thoughts on “Mid-Week catch up

  1. Gorblimey … today is Wednesday. Got a Big Bad Thing happening today, but have planned around it – exercise beforehand, shower, Big Bad Thing, bath with bath bomb.
    I want so much to be able to work again, to have that confidence in myself that I can do things without shattering into pieces.
    Having said that, I hope your busy Hump Day goes well! Coincidentally (synchronistically?) I also had some ideas for re-structuring the non-fiction piece I’m hoping to complete this year, mind and brain allowing.
    Hugs and best wishes for a HOORAY! Hump Day.


  2. Middle of the week?! And there I was, thinking it to be a commentary on the predictable reproductive peculiarities of my dear Australian friends.

    Gads, but the things one learns in blogging.


  3. Humm, one day is the same as another for me. Still Tuesday here for another hour and 16 minutes, then doctor for X-rays and follow up on my shoulder tomorrow afternoon. With this weather acting the way it is both of them hurt, so in a few I’m going to go sit in a warm shower for the rest of the night until I turn into a prune. Since I can’t swim (afraid of the water) I just keep going and going like the pink rabbit. Right now I think I could eat a rabbit if I had one.


  4. So that balance issue is to stay the same. It’s a bummer. I have issues with balance. It gets in the way of so much I’d like to do. I’ve been approached to take classes by webinar. I should really find the money to get the webcam (yes, I know they don’t cost that much) and pay for the class. For some reason, I just don’t want that webcam.


    1. I don’t have a webcam Glynis. It’s all audio (and talking if you have a mic) otherwise you type stuff. I need to get a mic though because talking is so much quicker. lol
      As for the balance, I’m hoping that when I get my new glasses (fingers crossed for today) that they might help a bit. πŸ™‚


  5. Looks like all is actually going well in your life my friend.
    Health wise it sounds like you are in great shape, mentally active and full steam ahead.
    I like your motto, I have my old army motto tattoed on my arm, Persevere, could tie in with yours, as life goes on we persevere.
    Wishing you a great weekend.
    Ian aka Emu


  6. Thanks for pointing me here babE!!
    Bit of a catch up post – which is very cool πŸ˜€
    I WAS going to say, while reading it, that it sounds like your dizziness is because you are JUST DOING too much! Jeepers girlfriend…!
    AND Then you end off with – ‘Just keep busy’…lol!
    Ah yes – the little conundrums of life right πŸ˜‰

    Such a cool thing with your son there ❀


    1. Wasn’t it wonderful? I was so blown away that he found the the letter I wrote him years ago.
      Ha ha – I wish my dizziness was because I do so much. That just makes me tired. lol


      1. – Ah friend – it is an oddity – truly…though I believe you have been in good company with such people like van Gogh πŸ˜€ (yeah I know its obvious – but hey… still true)
        Just go out at night and paint by candle light hun πŸ˜€


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