I say, I say boy….. It’s Morning

Not a great day yesterday. Not a bad day – just not a great day.
I got up and started my day but was feeling unwell so went back to bed. Then got up again to call work and let them know I wasn’t coming in before going back to bed. My day was pretty much like that for the remainder of the daylight hours. Get up and do some things and go back to bed. It’s amazing how much I can sleep actually. I did do a lot of thinking, reading and planning during my awake times but I also did a lot of sleeping.
Fast forward to this morning.
I rise each day whilst it is still dark and then go around and open up the house. I love fresh air.
This morning, I opened the sliding door at the side of the house and rested my face against the screen and drew in the fresh morning air and just listened. I haven’t done that in a while.
I heard a rooster crow. My first thought after thinking “Someone has a rooster here in town” was a mental image of Foghorn Leghorn saying “I say, I say boy – it’s morning”. What can I say? My mind is strange like that.
So what’s so special about morning?
Well, a morning is laden with infinite potential.
It is fresh and new and just waiting for you to make your mark upon it.
I don’t know about others, but mornings are when I feel most alive. I have just woken from a (hopefully) good night’s sleep. I am (hopefully) refreshed and my mind is racing at a million miles an hour with ideas and plans for my day (and my life).
First thing in the morning, everything seems possible.
There are no obstacles to anything.
Morning = Potential.

So this morning, whilst I drew in the crispness of the air I also filled my mind with visions of possibility.
Not just ‘mights’ or ‘maybes’.
I closed my eyes and spoke the words within my mind “Today, I am ……………… (fill in the blanks)”

Now it’s your turn.


40 thoughts on “I say, I say boy….. It’s Morning

  1. It’s the afternoon, but I just woke up from a nap in the sun and had my first cup of coffee. So in a sense it is the second morning of today 🙂 Today I am going to celebrate my friends birthday and write her a letter! (I will also do some more homework)

    Hope your day has been wonderful!


  2. Today I am hopeful for the future. We are making some significant changes in our lives and I believe it will make our lives so much better. It’s a glorious day out with the mustard grass sprouting and in the mid-70’s. It’s marked with optimism! Hurray! (at least for today lol)


  3. I’m glad you are feeling better today. Your mention of the rooster reminds me of my childhood. I miss being woken up by them. What a wonderful sound. It is the sound of a new beginning, the sound of opportunity. Let’s see, today I am going to check off at least 2 more items on this week’s to do list. That will take it to 5/16 completed.


  4. Late getting here, I must say, I had a wonderful day. My first thought when I awoke this morning was “Ooh I feel good!” So that probably helped start it off well. Hope you’re counting more good days to come 🙂


  5. I am glad you feel better and started your day on such a positive note! I read this with my morning coffee and feel about morning the way you do. Today I look forward to warmer temps melting more of the snow- spring IS coming- and a productive day in my classroom!


    1. Great. All good things to be sure.
      Would you believe that they are beginning to advertise winter things on tv here already? I’m still sleeping with just a sheet over me at night. lol


  6. Sounds like some beautiful healing. Some days, the rough ones, are the days we forget to take a moment and breathe in the fresh air, and simply be in the moment. Today. Hmm. I’m still formulating a plan.


    1. Yes, I’m formulating a plan for today. I have training at work all day and whilst I enjoy training, there are so many things being left undone on my desk whilst I am doing it.


  7. Sounds like you needed some time out, hope it all works out for you and you are back in top form.
    Love the Foghorn Leghorn pic, he was a great mentor to the little guy who followed him around.
    Can remember him always saying, Dont bother me Boy.


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