Capturing Beauty

I love photography blogs. I love seeing life through the lens of others.
That is also why I love travel blogs.
This morning I have browsed the blogs of friends that contain flowers, animals and scenery and I love each and every photo I have looked at.
It reminded me of how much I love photography and I need to get out and take some more photos.
So combining my love of travel, with my love of photography I have gone through some of my old holiday photos to share some with you.

ImageThis the The Three Sisters at Katoomba taken from the valley floor and looking up. It is a magical place to visit. I even had the opportunity of seeing a Lyre bird whilst walking the tracks at the bottom. Unfortunately it was a little camera shy and was frightened away by noisy, chattering tourists.

ImageThis handsome fellow was near a little fishing village outside of Trial Bay in New South Wales. Quite majestic don’t you think?

ImageComing in for a landing at Coffs Harbour pier. I read that you should never kill a seagull because each seagull harbours the soul of a drowned sailor. I guess there have been a lot of sailors lost at sea.

ImageThis was taken walking the paths of the gardens outside the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. I have actually saved this as my desktop background on the computer at work. It is so peaceful and beautiful there.

ImageA fallen autumn leaf surrounded by raindrops in Healesville Victoria. We spent a glorious hour just walking through the park there and taking photos of the autumn hues that we don’t see where I live in Queensland.

ImageTucked in behind the Elvis Museum in Parkes, New South Wales is an historical museum. Did I mention that I also love taking photos of cars with character?

ImageI had to put a flower in as well. I’m not sure where in Australia this vibrant pink beauty was but I always take photos of flowers when I travel. 😉

There were so many other photos that I just love that I will save to share another day. 🙂

Have a beautiful day everyone.


29 thoughts on “Capturing Beauty

  1. I love these! The leaf is my favorite and I loved being able to “travel” through your pictures.
    Ironically, I’m in Denver, CO today and lamenting that I don’t have my camera…the snow on the Rocky Mountains is gorgeous. Thank you for today’s bright spot with your beautiful pictures!


    1. Conrad, I spent a lot of my formulative years in Blacktown so the Blue Mountains are no stranger to me. I love them so much. Lamenting the loss of the Zig Zag at the moment. I certainly hope they can get the funds to get that back up and running.


        1. I’ve been on it twice. Once we got to sit up front with the driver. It was the middle of summer and it is extremely hot in that carriage too!! lol
          Got a funny story for you Conrad. As we were having an impromptu bbq with some friends yesterday, I was telling them about the wine wankers. The boys decided that wine wasn’t their thing and joked about starting up something called the Beer Baboons (since they love to sample different beers – particularly boutique ones). We (the women folk) just continued to sip our wine and smiled. 🙂


  2. Beautiful pictures Sue, a walking brochure for an Australian travel publication.
    Love the places you mentioned, Parkes was the scene for the movie The Dish.
    Each year I return to Healesville, I was in the army camp there for 6 years back in the early 70s.
    Enjoyed your post.


    1. Yes, I have photos of the Dish also. We visited there on another occasion so skipped it this time we went through Parkes.
      Although we only stayed overnight in Healesville, we found it a beautiful place.


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