Life is a collection of specs and moments

Just for fun this morning I checked out my search engine terms. This one just jumped out at me. I then thought it might be fun to put that into google myself and click images. Out of the many, this one caught my eye.

Found on the website

The picture certainly looks like a collection of sorts anyway.

So let’s discuss this search term. I’ve included the original spelling in the title of my post but let’s think about what ‘specs’ may be. It could be:

  • special moments
  • specks, or
  • specifics

For the purpose of this post I am going to focus on the second option – specks.
In life there are many specks. Some are easy to deal with and can be easily brushed off and removed (or dealt with). It’s easy to blow a speck of dust off your glasses or brush the dust from the hall table. Analogies for this could include such things as the battery going flat in a torch, not having time for breakfast or the phone ringing as you are about to walk out the door. These generally don’t require life changing decisions or cause roadblocks to happiness. They are minor irritations.
Then there are the specks like the beetroot or sauce stain on your blouse or shirt. These are slightly more irritating but with a little more effort, they can removed and dealt with. This could include things such as a looming deadline at work or looking for somewhere new to live.
Of course there are larger  ‘specks’ on the landscape of our lives that loom like boulders on the horizon also. These specks include momentous events and occurrences such as death, grief, divorce, and illness. At the time they seem insurmountable but they too can be conquered.

Looking at the tapestry of life, it is littered with specks and moments. Moments of happiness. Moments of joy. Moments of sadness and sorrow. There are many moments that make up the whole of our lives.
Woven into the tapestry are the specks – because let’s face it, we wouldn’t be the people we are today if we didn’t have any of them. Many of us face divorce, death of loved ones, illnesses, moving house, pregnancy difficulties, paying bills and mortgages, putting food on the table, exams….. really the list is endless.
When I look back on my life I realise that it is a collection of specs and moments.
Over the years I have collected:

  • smiles
  • tears
  • kisses
  • scratches
  • aches
  • pains
  • joy

and a multitude of other experiences.
I have learned.
I have grown.
I have grieved.
I have loved.
I have lost.
I have survived.

And with each day, I know that as I weave my life there will be more moments and specks that will find their way into the warp and weft of my experiences.
With each baby step that I take I move forward.

Have a blessed day 🙂


8 thoughts on “Life is a collection of specs and moments

  1. Thanks for that. Going through some major specs right now, and while I know from experience that we will come out on the other side, I really hate the middle. You pointed out that everything helps us grow, I’ll try to focus on that.


    1. It’s hard at the time to find the good that comes out of things but looking forward toward that light at the end of the tunnel or searching for the beauty in each day certainly helps.
      Good luck with dealing with your specks. And hang in there.


    1. And in a touch of synchronicity. After I had written this about specks in the tapestry, I found a quote by Wayne Dyer about the tapestry of life. 🙂
      Sometimes it all just fits together.


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