Life lessons from Gone with the Wind

Last night I watched Gone with the Wind on television. The Garden Gnome was enthusiastic subjected to watching it along with me. I have to admit that this is one book (along with Watership Down) that will always be in my personal library. I have read it numerous times and enjoyed it very much. It’s been a long time since I watched the screen adaptation of the novel and I have changed within myself as a person since the last time I watched it.
How do I know this?
Where once I enjoyed watching Scarlett, this time I was irritated by her.
Where once, I would become angry at Rhett, this time I empathised with him.

Scarlett is a headstrong woman who will push and push to get what she wants – or believes that she wants. This is an admirable quality in small doses however Scarlett did not stop to think just who she would hurt in the process of achieving her desires.
She spent her life pursuing an unattainable dream (Ashley Wilkes) and then one day found that what she wanted all along (Rhett) had been right under her nose the whole time. Unfortunately, by the time she came to this realisation it was too late.
In the background the whole time was a truly good woman (Ashley’s wife Melanie) who stood by Scarlett in everything and could only see the good contained with her whilst those around her took every opportunity (sometimes rightfully so) to besmirch her integrity and reputation.
Scarlett was truly blessed in so many ways. Although she was starving and struggled to keep herself and her family alive at one point in her life, she could only see the bad in any situation. Scarlett suffered. There is no denying that. She suffered grief and loss and I can truly empathise with that. Others around Scarlett saw her as strong and self assured yet inside, she was lacking in self confidence. This lack of self confidence manifested as selfishness and vanity.

So what life lessons did I take from watching Gone with the Wind last night?

I learned to stop pushing so hard and to appreciate what I have in the present.
I learned that if obstacles keep getting in the way of your dream perhaps it is not the right dream after all.
I learned to appreciate the people I have around me and accept what you consider their weaknesses – because that is in fact their greatest strength.
I learned that support can be found in the unlikeliest of places.
I learned that you have to be knocked down in order to rise stronger.
I learned that money doesn’t buy happiness.
I learned that integrity is important. and,

I learned that the GG really loves me because he sat and watched the movie with me and only made a few witty sarcastic comments about the plot in the whole movie (all 3 3/4 hours of it).

Have a wonderful Sunday 🙂

33 thoughts on “Life lessons from Gone with the Wind

  1. Reblogged this on Rose B Fischer and commented:
    A nice commentary on one of my favorite fictional heroines! Scarlett is a frustrating character, but only because she is so well-drawn that I want her to be better and make better choices for herself.


  2. That was awesome! I love Gone With the Wind. There are a lot of lessons in there about women and interpersonal relationships. Poor Scarlett, she just doesn’t know what she wants. She’s trying to live up to the world’s expectations in changing times. She also cares too much about what other people think of her and she let’s it guide her, instead of being honest with herself.


    1. I think if she was totally honest with herself she would have realised that Ashley wasn’t the man for her. She was in love with a dream and he was just taking her along for the ride and boost to his self esteem.


  3. I have worn out 3 copies of the book, but have never been able to watch the movie. Just too much difference between the written words and what Hollywood chose to use, so there was no interest for me. Big lesson for me — never watch the movie after you’ve read the book.


    1. There are huge gaps in the movie’s plot line that don’t really make a lot of sense. I enjoy watching movies even after I’ve read the book but sometimes there are things added to movies that aren’t in the book and then there are things left out that you have to wonder why.


  4. I have Gone with the Wind in my DVD movie collection. Because of the length, I watch it only once a year or there abouts. When I saw the book Watership Down in your post, I almost squealed with happiness. I though for sure I was the one and only person who enjoyed that book so much. I lost the book in one of my many moves through the years. I think I’ll try to find it at the local used book store. 😀


  5. Great lessons! My therapist’s office is on the same block as The Gone With The Wind Museum. Atlanta is where Margaret Mitchell is from. I haven’t visited the museum yet, but when I do, I will take some photos to send to you.


    1. Yes, in the books I quite liked Ashley but after seeing the movie (and possibly aging a number of years since I last read the books) I don’t really like the character. lol


      1. Ashley lacks the manly man stuff Rhett struts! Lol! I lay blame on GWTW for bad influences on me in my formative years and the reason ‘bad boys’ appealed to me over good guys…way back before I knew any better. Thank goodness I outgrew that!


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