Put some happiness and beauty in your day

This clip is doing the rounds of Facebookers in Australia right now. It is set in Byron Bay in Australia.
Byron Bay is town about an hour and half drive south from me. It is known as a hippy town but obviously it isn’t only hippies that live there.

It made me smile so I hope it makes you smile as well.
*warning* There are some bare backsides in the clip.

And now for something along a similar line…..
Michael Buble’s “It’s a Beautiful Day”

Wishing you all an awesome day filled with happiness, beauty and the right perspective!


32 thoughts on “Put some happiness and beauty in your day

  1. Sue I can’t believe you posted this!!! I just watched the New York City version this morning and it kept me smiling for hours!! How can you not after hearing it??? Thanks for a smile and new scenes at the end of my day too!! 🙂 Stay HAPPY!!


  2. Two great videos. Love ’em both. I really wanted to get up and dance, but since I can’t do that, I was dancing in my chair. Bee-u-t-ful. And I think everyone I know has a cold right now.


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