Through my Lens

It’s no secret to those of you who follow along with me regularly that I love to travel. I also love to take photos. I’ve now decided that each week I will share some of my travel photos with you and call it “Through my Lens”.
Of course, I have a million photos clogging my hard drive but I will share only a few here and there.Many years ago, we travelled to Victoria by plane to catch up with the Middle Child. Hiring a car at the airport, we surprised the boy and spent a couple of days in Melbourne before travelling through Victoria.

01Whilst waiting for the Son to finish his work for the day, we walked through Melbourne. Melbourne is an easy city to walk as it is mostly flat. The public transport system in Melbourne is wonderful with trains, buses and trams running regularly. We had left our car at our motel about 10 minutes out of the city and come in by tram.
The above photo is of Flinders Street Station. One of the most photographed landmarks in Melbourne.
02The Middle Child was working in Melbourne involved with a project run by the Salvation Army working with those living on the streets. However the weekend we arrived was Red Shield and all available volunteers were out collecting. I was told that if I wished to spend time with the boy-child that morning, I should volunteer to collect at an intersection with him. We collected at the intersection of the gardens (home of the Sidney Meyer Music Bowl), Rod Laver Arena and the Collingwood FC. Melbournians are mad drivers and each time the lights went red, we took our lives in our hands as we darted between cars to collect.
The photo above was taken during one of our rest breaks and shows the Yarra River at its most beautiful.
We headed off the next day to drive the Great Ocean Road. We had no itinerary and just drove wherever the wind blew us. Unfortunately the Tween (who was a great deal younger at this time) suffered from travel sickness. Ask anyone who has travelled the Great Ocean Road and they will tell you it is full of twists and turns. This meant that it took us many days to complete the drive. We stopped for a break and went up to Teddy’s Lookout where I took a number of photos looking down onto the road.
03I also took one of the obligatory shots of the road winding around the edge of the ocean however this one struck me with the beautiful greens and blues.
04There are many beautiful little towns along the drive. We stayed in quite a few of them but enjoyed our time in Apollo Bay. This picturesque little hamlet is a fishing port and has such beauty both along the shoreline and further inland where we visited Erskine Falls.
Most people travel the Great Ocean Road to visit the Twelve Apostles. We actually drove past and spent the afternoon at Loch Ard Gorge where we spent many hours walking the tracks and learning the history of the wreck of the Loch Ard. The barren and windswept landscape and cemetery held a beauty all its own.
06Of course there are many more photos of this beautiful place but I won’t bore you with them all. I will say that if you ever have the opportunity of driving the Great Ocean Road, then take the time to visit the Gorge as it is truly stunning.
The next morning we drove back to the Twelve Apostles.
07As we had no itinerary, we often went off the beaten track. It was doing this (and from a book on shipwrecks that I had purchased to read as we went) that we learned about Moonlight Head and Wreck Beach. We reached there late afternoon and we were the only ones there. After a walk down 300 steps (oh my aching knees) we reached the beach. It was overcast and squally and was breathtakingly beautiful. We walked to the wrecks (only anchors left there now) but didn’t quite reach the anchor of the Fiji as the tide was coming in and we would have never been able to get back if it reached the headlands before we did.

I’m so pleased we took time to travel the Great Ocean Road and spent time exploring off the beaten track. I want to do the road once more and spend even more time doing it as there were many things that we missed.

Next time, I’ll share some of the inland photos and more of Melbourne. πŸ™‚

36 thoughts on “Through my Lens

  1. Beautiful pictures.

    I’ve always thought I would love to “see Australia” one day. While I realize that seeing it all would take a very long time, I like what I see through your lens. I had thought I would love to see the outback, the desert, the different wildlife, and the different cultures. I hadn’t even given thought to the coasts. The pictures of “The Twelve Disciples” are particularly fascinating to me.


    1. The whole of the coastline is sandstone and the wind and the surf are gradually eroding everything. There used to be 12 apostles however there are no longer 12 there as many have crumbled into the sea. When we were there we saw and photographed ‘London Bridge’ as well however only two weeks later, the erosion took it’s toll and it ‘tumbled down’. On our next holiday we are either going to travel to Western Australia (across the Nullabor Plain) or go up the centre. You can be sure I’ll take photos of it all πŸ˜‰


  2. We have travelled here too. Amazing coastline. Australia has so many diverse beautiful landscapes to explore. We didn’t go there until a my kids were about 11 0r 12 I think and saw the arch not the bridge 😦 Just looking through my photos now . Must get them off the computer into a digital book one day …been saying that for a long time tho lol. Melbourne is my favourite Australian city. Thanks for sharing these photos and memories.


  3. Wow for some really beautiful and stunning photos. Now I really would like to visit Australia. Maybe this will be possible one day. Right now not so easy with several animals and no family close to take care of them.
    Australia is really beautiful seen through your lens Sue – thanks for sharing.


  4. It’s so beautiful it doesn’t seem real! Your trip sounds amazing, and now I want to travel the Great Ocean Road! I’ve always wanted to visit Australia, now even more so! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚


  5. These are really beautiful shots Suz. I like the idea of doing this regularly hey πŸ˜€ hmmmm – I MAY pinch that idea πŸ˜‰ (maybe! – mostly the teens photography though hey – she LOVES it! – hope she will get to travel more in the future right)

    I was trying to see which one I liked the best to say which was my favourite of these – (HARD choice!!)
    I am leaning toward the road winding round the edge of the ocean, but that last one with the sun peaking out from behind the rocks is just SURREAL man!
    Thanks for sharing (reminds me a bit of home hey :/ )


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