Last night I was a Dance Mom!

And for those of you in Australia, that was not a mis-spelling of Mum πŸ˜‰
Let’s set the scene…..
The Tween is a massive Dance Moms fan as some of you may have read before. She is constantly watching it on Foxtel and she has the first two seasons on DVD. She follows all the mothers on Twitter and Instagram. She comes to me all excited when one of the mothers favourites a tweet or answers her.
So when she found out that Christi and Chloe were coming to Australia……

Well you get the picture. So the only tickets we could get were to a dance class. (Yes, I paid for the dance class too) and last night was the night. I drove home from work and jumped straight from one car to another and off we went. It was easy to find the place because of the massive numbers of young girls pouring into a dance studio on the Gold Coast. We joined the queue to get in and I felt as if I was waiting in line for a Justin Beiber concert or something. To give my girl credit, she neither swooned nor screamed when she saw Chloe for the first time (although many others did). She did however get all excited when she spotted Brandon and Brittany selling merchandise. And when Dianne (Brandon’s mother) walked out she was undeniably excited. The main person she wanted to see (apart from Chloe and Christi) was Clara (Chloe’s little sister). She wasn’t disappointed as at one point, Clara came to the door of the dance studio and yelled out “MOM, I need you” lol She then came out later to meet everyone before retreating back to her Dad.
I was a little disappointed that I had paid VIP price and one of the organisers sent me upstairs to the observers gallery where I could see absolutely nothing. When Dianne became concerned at the number of young girls leaning over the balcony and came up to organise them to sit around the edge of the dance floor, I spoke with her about this and she took me downstairs, got me a chair and I got to sit up in the corner with a couple of other mothers and the stars lol
The official photo of myself, the Tween and Chloe and Christi is on the Tween’s iPad. She is still sleeping as it was after 11pm when we got home last night.
I wish I had taken the time to grab my Canon DSLR and not relied on my little point and shoot last night. I missed so many wonderful photo ops.
So here are a few photos to share.
DM1This is Chloe talking to my Tween and telling her it’s okay that she doesn’t know how to dance and to just have fun. The Tween figures she scored brownie points by telling her that because later she won a special wrist band and a hug from Chloe for doing an improv dance. πŸ˜€ She also won a signed photo in the Trivia competition and then a signed magazine in the raffle. She was on a roll.
DM2Brittany and Brandon. The choreography was all Brittany’s work and I loved watching Brandon dance. I’m sorry Chloe – but he outshone you in that routine. Chloe is just behind Brittany’s head.

DM4Chloe performed an improv solo. This is the best of a bad lot of photos. Like I said, wish I’d bought the DSLR.

DM5Chloe and Christi doing trivia. If you think Chloe looks red, she is. The whole group had been out on the beach that day and forgot their sunscreen.
I found Christi to be softly spoken (most of the time) and very funny. She did not put any of the other Dance Moms down (although she did say “Oh, ewww” when asked to describe Abbey in two words and when asked what Kathy is good at she replied “Annoying people”. I learned a lot about the shooting of the show and received an honest answer to my question about how the show had affected their family.
I was mightily impressed as Chloe and Christi posed with over 200 people individually and did not just pack up and say ‘times up, we’re going’. They stayed to the very end. We know because it was well after 9.30pm when it was our turn for photos.
So there you have it.
Last night I was a Dance Mom. I shared the floor with a lot of other Dance Mums (including Christi) as I watched my daughter dance with her idols.
And whilst I may be mother of the year for accompanying the Tween, the Garden Gnome is father of the year for sitting outside in the car and waiting for over three hours. πŸ™‚

29 thoughts on “Last night I was a Dance Mom!

  1. How fun! It’s so wonderful to make memories with your children and this one, is something that not all mothers would volunteer to do. Good job! I bet she loved it.


  2. My tween is also heavily addicted to this show. I am allergic which is why she so enjoys telling me all about it in minute detail. Great post.


  3. I just smiled through this whole post Sue!! You are the best to have taken her- she will remember forever. And it sounds like you had yourself a good time too! Your Husband is really a great guy for waiting 3 hours. Smiles all around. Loved the pics!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


    1. It was an okay time considering I sat in a corner on a stool with a bad back for most of that time. When I wasn’t sitting on the stool, I was standing lol


  4. Wow, quite an event. I’m assuming Dance Mom’s is a reality show? Anyway, reminded me of the time myself and then tween got tickets to an In Sync Concert. We were inches from the stage and Justin Timberlake. Fun Mom and daughter night.


  5. Hat is SO cool! My daughter loves that show as well and I often find myself getting sucked in and wasting hours gawking as she catches up on shows. I will have to show her the pics. Really, really cool!


    1. I must say that Christy is actually thinner in the face than I thought and Brandon had a good set of guns for a young man. lol
      My daughter shot video as well when she could.


    1. He he… are they really all like the show? I can’t believe that. I should have asked if they ‘put it on’ for the cameras but I forgot to ask that one.


      1. I remember some bragging discussions between some of the moms, and they tended to bunch together like a group of dance mom goddesses, but not so much fighting…except with the dance instructor/owner of the school.

        It helped that my daughter was the best little jazz dancer and tapper, so I could sit in my car and pretend that I was better than all of them. πŸ˜‰ hahahhaha


        1. Too funny.
          You know I watched some of the girls in the group the other night that were obviously dancers and they did think themselves better than others. I’m sure that the apple wasn’t falling far from the tree. But then there was this one little girl who was awesome. I loved watching her but when I saw her interacting with others she was quite shy.


          1. That would be my daughter. She would blush if any told her that she was good. She gave it up though after 6th grade. She wanted to focus on other things.


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