Through my lens

Today is Sunday, so I have brushed off my photo archive and we are going to continue the journey we began last week in the fair city of Melbourne and along the Great Ocean Road. This week we leave the ocean and head inland before returning to Melbourne.


07aAfter staying overnight in Castlemaine (I think), we headed toward the Grampians the next day. As we happened to be travelling in winter, the weather was extremely cold. On one side of the range, the wind cut like a knife through our many layers of clothes and we could only stay out of the car for a few short minutes however on this side, we spent a long time admiring the views.

08Our next stop was Ballarat where after finding a motel for a couple of nights we went to the Eureka museum (site of the original Eureka Stockade). For those not familiar with Australian history, Eureka was the birthplace of democracy in Australia. It was the scene of an uprising between the miners and the government. This is the Eureka flag.

09The next day we visited Sovereign Hill (sort of like a theme park without rides) in Ballarat. The Tween found this fascinating as she spent her day panning for gold and experiencing life in the goldfields of Australia. The red coats came out at lunch time for a display of musket firing.

09aWe went for a ride around the town on this old Cobb & Co coach. The lady with the stroller sort of looks out of place here doesn’t she? I bought a lace handkerchief embroidered with lavenders in the gift shop. It was a bit of a let down when I found a “Made in China” tag on it though.

010The next day we travelled to Bendigo. Since I love old architecture I fell in love with most of this city. This is an old church that we visited and photographed. When we got there, we found it was open to the public so that was an added bonus. There is an ethereal beauty around old churches and I enjoyed our time there.

010aI had no tripod and this is the best of a bad lot of photos taken hand held.

010bWe later visited the Chinese Heritage museum and Japanese gardens in Bendigo. The tween enjoyed feeding the carp there. I was amazed at the wealth of information and beautiful items (including dragons) found in the museum.

011After another stop on our way back to Melbourne at Hanging Rock (very rainy and photos were horrid), we visited the old Melbourne Gaol. This photo was taken inside (again without tripod) and is a little blurry as a result. I found the whole experience (we spent a couple of hours there going through the displays in cells) extremely horrific. We had our ‘mug shots’ taken and then spent time in solitary confinement (although we shared the cells with others). The men were separated from the woman so the (pre)Tween came with me. She was scared of the dark so a lovely young girl turned on her phone so there would be a little light in there.

011aNed Kelly’s armour. Ned Kelly was a bushranger (or outlaw) who was hanged at the Old Melbourne Gaol. Reading Ned’s story it appears he lived this live because he had no other choice. There is much to be said about the corruption of government officials. Whilst I don’t condone all that Ned Kelly did (murder), I actually feel some pity for the man and what drove him to live this life.

So that is my travels this week. Next week, we leave Melbourne and arrive in Sydney. ๐Ÿ™‚

19 thoughts on “Through my lens

  1. I recognized most of these pictures before scrolling down to read the words beneath – the exception being the Grampians pic; I initially wondered whether it might be from around Arkaroola, but then realized it was too green! I lived in Bendigo for a while – great city. In fact, I lived across the road from said cathedral! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Beautiful shots! I love that you are sharing your part of the world with us. You know….I just may just learn to overcome my fear of flying over the ocean. You are sure making it enticing!


    1. He he… the best is yet to come. And this year we are going away for a few weeks. I’m hoping to head to the West Coast where there is lots of desert and ocean.


  3. Great tour around our beautiful Victoria Sue.
    My wife, being from Chile has not experienced the great ocean road, thats our next trip.
    I always believe that the Eureka flag should be our National flag.
    Your pics and story demonstrate that Victoria has much to see and experience.
    Thanks for the tour.


    1. I love Victoria Ian and have visited Melbourne on many occasions (my son and his wife live there).
      I love road trips around the country too so I have lots of photos to share.


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