B is for Beauty

Finding a topic for the letter ‘B’ was easy for me as I regularly blog (as does another person who visits my blog regularly) about looking and finding the beauty in the every day.
Beauty can be found in the most unusual of places if we take the time to look for it.

What do we class as beauty?
Is it the classic beauty that we are fed each day by the mainstream media or is it something esoteric?
In my opinion, beauty can be anything that brightens our day.
It could be someone who made you smile, a pretty flower struggling up between the pavers on a path, a bird singing on a cloudy day. Beauty is what you make it.
It is about your perception of what beauty should be.
I sometimes sit at the end of a crappy day and ruminate about everything that happened to me throughout the day. (Okay, not sometimes – it happens regularly). Whilst I am sitting there, I sometimes make a conscious effort to look for a positive to the day. Something beautiful. Something that proves to me that life isn’t out to get me.
I look for something to be grateful for.
This can be difficult but more often than not, there are many times throughout the day that the monotony or despair lifts for a short time however in the grand scheme of a crappy day, this can be often overlooked.
However, these times are beautiful and are to be treasured.

As I sit at my computer this morning to type this post, I take the time to listen and look for the beauty and blessings (‘blessings’ is another ‘B’ word for you) around me.
I can hear my water feature bubbling away outside my window. The GG installed it there because I told him that I love the sound of running water. Beauty and blessing #1.
I can hear a jet plane flying overhead. I am grateful that I don’t live near an airport. Beauty and blessing #2.
I can hear the birds sqwuarking and chirping in the Grevillea bush in the front garden. Beauty and blessing #3
I can hear (even though my hearing is deteriorating). Beauty and blessing #4.
I am surrounded by fabrics and craft materials. Beauty and blessing #5
I could go on -but I’m sure you get the idea of where I am going with this.

There are days in my life that I call ‘grey sky days’ where I don’t feel as if anything is going right and where I can’t see a way out of it all. My mind is being a p.i.t.a. and telling me all sorts of things that I know aren’t true but I want to believe them because of what I am feeling at the time. However, I can always find something beautiful in my life. I can always find a blessing.
So tell me, what beauty have you found in your day today?


61 thoughts on “B is for Beauty

  1. The goodbye kiss from my husband. My first cup of tea. The smoothie I made for breakfast. A quote from a TV show I recorded last night, which I might use as a writing prompt later today. The naughty feeling of delight as I notice my neighbours didn’t add garbage to our bin overnight … (I had been worried that they might, and then both our bins would be overflowing, and neither might be collected!)


            1. Haha… never tried the Dukan. The nutrition training from when I was doing my PT qualifications kick in sometimes when I read about particular diets.
              Glad it worked for you though.


  2. “In my opinion, beauty can be anything that brightens our day”

    Ah, I love that. You summed it up so well. These days I make a deliberate effort to find the beauty in everything. It’s an old clichΓ©, but it’s important to stop and smell the roses. For me it’s also a form of worship. All the beauty in the world was put here for us, it’s an act of love, a gift. It’s a waste to get in a huff and miss out on that message.


    1. You must be feeling better if you’re reading my blog today lol Of course there are other ‘B’ words but I’m hardly going to blog about your name am I? πŸ˜€


  3. Rough day here but your post has prompted me to think back on the day and find at least one moment of beauty…even if it feels like pulling teeth… πŸ™‚ How about waking up from a nap and actually feeling rested, instead of feeling heavy and anxious about whatever’s next? It’s hardly profound, I know!


  4. We had an earth shattering thunderstorm, but there is so much beauty in the lightening that I was drawn to the window to watch it. Good luck with your Alphabet soup challenge. I can think of several letters that would cause migraines to the n’ th degree.


  5. It is early morning here now, I hear the birds singing so beautiful, my cats came to get morning love, my dog to have a hug. Then I did open my mailbox and did see a mail, that I have sold a jewelry at Etsy. All those things was a great start and beautiful to start my day in a very beautiful way. Your post maked me smile a lot, so very insightful and beautiful Sue. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚


  6. Hi, Morning here as well. Beauty of my comfortable home – not neat, but lovely to me. I am a quilter, so enjoy making things of beauty. I hear wind chimes outside my doors and they make beautiful sounds to me. I have children, grands and great grands who are all beautiful to me, along with many friends. My hubby is among the dearly departed and I miss him. You write a lovely post. Best regards to you, Ruby


    1. Hello Ruby, so nice to meet you.
      I also quilt and spent some time after work yesterday cutting strips and making bias for my Tween’s quilt. I too love the wind chimes I have hanging outside and I too adore my grandchildren.
      I am sorry for the loss of the love of your life but hope that the memories you hold of him provide much comfort.


  7. The Bloggers!! The incredibly talented writers and photographers and artists and multimedia techs who are traveling the globe in April to share with each other. This is so amazing to click on the 2,000 links (not all in the same day!!) and see what you are sharing with the world. Great post. Beauty does surround us.


  8. What a great post, there are a lot of simple things in life that aren’t appreciated. I’m happy to read that another can find beauty in every day.
    I find beauty in the first crisp breath of morning air when I walk to my car in the morning to go to work…. The memory of a lover… The music I listen to and sing along with in my car…..A sip of red wine in the evening…. The warmth and bubbles in an evening bath… A sunrise of a new day…. Warm rain…


    1. And I saw the beauty in them right along with you.
      My favourite time of day is first thing in the morning. I love to stand at our side door and breathe in the morning air and listen to the sounds of the world waking up. πŸ™‚


  9. My son’s cat, who is rather rotund, stretched on the floor as long as he could make his body stretch. When he did this, he spread his little toes apart. Kitty toes. That’s what I found beautiful.


  10. I loved your reflections. You have such a calming way about you. It makes me stop and take a breath, and frankly, with everything going on right now, I really appreciated it. Thank you!


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