E is for an ‘E’ word I didn’t think I would write about

So this week I have discovered something.
God has a sense of humour.

I have had a couple of instances this week that God/the universe/higher power/whatever you wish to believe in has made me laugh. I’ll share a couple of these in future posts though.
Today I was going to post about E is for Empathy but then I thought “Nah, that’s too close to the compassion discussion we had the other day”. So as I was laying in bed this morning I was running through other ‘E’ words I could blog about.
I came up with ‘Encouragement’, ‘Everyday’ and ‘Excitement’. I mulled on these and thought that I could make something out of them. And then I asked God “What do you think I should write about”?
I bet you’re dying to know what he answered.


Bet you weren’t expecting that!!
I know I wasn’t. 😛
Which is extremely funny when you consider that at one point in my life (about 7 years ago) I was a qualified personal trainer. Those of you who either know me or have seen photos of me, will see the irony in that now but back then I was a super-fit Size 16.
However, you know how life changes and you change with it? That’s what happened to me.
I had to move out of the fitness industry and went on to work in the disability sector.
My body shape has changed along with the changes in my working life.
I now weigh, what I used to be able to leg press! 😉

At this point in my life, I realise that exercise is something that is important. No! Not important – essential! However my body has aches and pains that make the notion of exercise seem pointless (and painful).
I know in my head that I need to do something about increasing my bone density and fitness. Decreasing my waistline might be a good thing too!
I sit at my computer in the mornings and watch the walkers in my street and think “I should be out there. I’ll start tomorrow.”
Being menopausal and having depression along with it makes exercise doubly important for me. Healthy body = Healthy mind.
I doubt I will go back to a gym. I tried that last year and the only time that I could go was early in the mornings – and that just didn’t work. I spent the day at work exhausted and then collapsed into bed at night only to wake in the morning and begin all over again. The exhaustion never left me and after 6 weeks of constant tiredness, I gave up on the gym.
I have weights, a step and a rebounder in my home. I know I should use these but there is the fear of my family laughing at me (and hearing the noise of my knees cracking without having the constant ‘boom boom’ of the music that is ever present in gyms).
I started with some stretches and floor exercises yesterday however the Diva thought it would be great fun to head butt me and chew my hair as I did these. Definitely a motivation to either find somewhere else to do my exercises or lock her in the back room.
So, I have spent the past week with prompts about exercise coming to me through books, conversations with my friends, reading blogs and then this morning, God just punched me in the face.
At least he made me laugh whilst he did it.


32 thoughts on “E is for an ‘E’ word I didn’t think I would write about

  1. Exercise is really up there among the “essentials”, isn’t it? (Another interesting E word!) No doubt, given your past, you’re aware of the HIIT thing, where you can get a lot of benefit out of a short, sharp workout. I’m also partway through a book called “The First 20 Minutes” which summarizes all current – and changing – research into exercise and its efficacy. Thought you might enjoy that!
    My husband started two weeks’ leave today, so I am using the change in his routine to kick-start some changes in mine, exercise and fresh air being among the two most significant of these. I’ve made up a chart with space for gold stars. We’ll see how it goes 🙂


    1. My issue with exercise is my constant lower back pain that means even bending over to get something from the plastics cupboard is difficult. But yes, I like the idea of HIIT.
      Good luck with your gold stars 😉


      1. Thank you! I’ve actually colour-coded the chart: silver for standard; gold for going above and beyond; green for an attempt which feel short of the goal; and blue for a failure to start. This means I won’t have any messy blank spaces on the chart. All silver from my first day! 🙂


  2. God really does have a sense of humor, a perfect sense of humor, very healing and stress relieving, never mocking or mean. I have laughed at God too, in absolute delight. Sometimes he lines up those prompts so perfectly, the synchronicity of it all is just so funny. Also, His patience is awesome, he really only has to tell me something about half a dozen times or so before I finally start to catch on…..


  3. I despise exercise for the sake of exercise, and I can’t believe I like you when you used to be a trainer! Oh my word!
    I love yoga, tennis, dancing, swimming, roller skating, and cycling. Mostly I walk. I just won’t exercise for the sake of burning calories or sweating (!!! loathsome !!!) — I need to enjoy it! I do none of it enough, except perhaps yoga, because it relieves anxiety and makes me feel really, really good, despite what my full length mirror shows me! (It has the gall to show me holiday noodles and back-to-back c-sections!)
    Shooting hoops is fun now and again, but my family seems to enjoy doing that while I’m cooking dinner. *pouts*


  4. Thank you for this chuckle. I needed that today. Like you, I used to be very fit. I no longer exercise because of all my health issues, mostly my leg. But you’ve kind of inspired me to do SOMETHING! The part that really cracked me up is that you weigh what you used to leg press. I’m cackling!! lolol


    1. Glad I put a smile on your face. We want to travel later in the year and I mentioned last night to the GG about some places I want to visit. He said to me, we’ll have to rule out places with hills and stairs (bad knees and bad fitness). I want to work on that.


  5. I love your post. I believe God does have a sense of humor. I also think Bill Cosby is really funny! I am in the similar place you are, sounds like. I used to be really healthy …walked, biked, hiked …then I hurt my knee. It has never been the same and limits me now. Plus I am going though menopause (52) and I just feel like I have gained wait all of a sudden, and I know I can’t walk far or do some of the things I used to but I need to do something as well. You have motivated me to research and see what exercises I could do!


  6. Really good post. I’m doing upper body exercises, so I can get myself from my power chair to my nest without landing on the floor during the transfer. I’m also determined to prove 3 doctors wrong about being in this chair the rest of my life. As soon as I get more movement in my shoulder, I’m going to walk again. So what if I’ve given myself 3 concussions in the past year. As my son says, as long as I just hit my head I’ll be okay, because I’m so hard headed. And since he’s so much like me, I’m going to hit his head with my cast iron skillet some day so he can share the feeling. Menopause only aggravates weight gain. And the power surges in the body, sometimes known as hot flashes. They’re the worst. I just thank God He gave me part of His sense of humor. Not sure I could survive without it.


  7. Ooosh – is God also laughing at those of us who are nodding our heads in guilt as we read you write, knowing we should all be exercising? Honestly I mean to do it every day, then I have my coffee and log onto this WordPress thingy and I’m bloghopping the globe and pretty soon I’ve missed lunch and it’s time to fix dinner and suddenly it’s “F” day and I can forget about Exercise until someone brings it up next year during A to Z.


  8. Thank you Sue for allowing others to share where they are too! Exercise can only work when you enjoy it and hold yourself accountable.
    Doing it with friends helps … and I got a fitbit for Christmas … which really pushes me to walk more 🙂
    Of course, yoga is my favorite! It supported me through menopause and builds bone densitity as well as flexibity and strength. It makes me feel alive in this older body of mine. I’ll be doing it and teaching it until I drop….


    1. I tried yoga once but I just didn’t enjoy it that much. I tried tai chi also but found it difficult to remember the moves. I will find something one of these days that is not as high impact as the gym and that I enjoy.


  9. I have a bunch of people I walk with. My husband &I really enjoy walking together and chatting. I also try to walk when I do errands – even if I just park at the far end of the lot. I also suffer from back problems & depression. Walking really helps me with both. Best wishes!


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