Through my Lens

It is Sunday once more and it is the day off from the A-Z challenge. I am really enjoying writing those posts and I’m hoping you are enjoying reading them.
So here I sit at my computer. It is a beautiful autumn day today. The sun is shining and the birds are singing. A flock of cockatoos has just flown over. They are noisy buggers to be sure. There is a slight breeze blowing in the window but the we are expecting the weather to heat up today. The forecast is for possible severe thunderstorms sometime after lunch.
Not sure what our plans are for today. The Tween is off at a birthday sleepover and we are on our own until later this afternoon. It’s likely to be a big year for birthdays amongst her friends as there is a dearth of Tweens becoming Teens over the coming months.
However since it is Sunday, it’s the day to share more photos of our travels over the years.

012We left Southern Cross Station in Melbourne in the early evening. That’s our train on Platform Three waiting for us to embark. The station was filled with Queensland and New South Wales supporters on their way to Etihad Stadium to watch the first State of Origin match between the Maroons and Blues for the year. The GG had purchased a little transistor radio so he could listen to the game on the train as we travelled however the radio wouldn’t work on the train. We had to wait until we arrived in Sydney the following morning to hear the results. When we arrived in Sydney we were praying that the second leg of our journey (Sydney to Brisbane) that night would be better. Unfortunately it wasn’t. We vowed that the only way we would ever travel on a train again is if we booked a sleeping cabin.
013We caught the monorail to Darling Harbour where we explored for a short while as the city woke up around us. We then decided to catch a ferry to Circular Quay.
017The morning skyline was bleak.
018An alternate view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Arriving at Circular Quay we walked over to the Sydney Opera House. Being the shutterbug that I am we took lots of photos. The following photo is one of my favourites.
014From the opera house, we walked until we found Government House. The gardens were open to the public so we spent a pleasurable couple of hours sitting amongst the flowers and watching the harbour.
015Feeling hungry, we walked back to the Quay and around the surrounding streets until we found somewhere to eat and stock up on supplies before we went back to the railway station to continue our journey homeward.
016Last night I was chatting with the GG about our next holiday. This time we are going for longer than two weeks. We have decided that our trip to the States or to Europe is going to have to be put off for a while. The options for our holiday this year include Tasmania, South Australia/Northern Territory or Western Australia.
I’m pushing for us to drive across the country to WA as it is wildflower season when we are planning to go. The desert comes alive with colour at this time and I have always loved seeing wildflowers.
I can guarantee there will be a lot of photos to share if we do. πŸ™‚


34 thoughts on “Through my Lens

  1. Yes, I am enjoying your alphabet posts, and your travel ones, too! Wow, committing to driving to WA is a huge venture. It’s a loong drive! But I have been there in flowering season, and it was beautiful. Catching the train might be a fun thing?


      1. I realized a few hours after typing that comment that it I was making way too many assumptions! So I do apologize if it came across sounding, well, anything but respectful. (I never mean to be disrespectful, but as the typed word is stripped of nuance, it may happen occasionally!) I know I might not enjoy driving to Perth. Seeing all the wonderful towns along the way would be great, but the hours and hours of straight flat road inbetween would be something of a buzzkill for me. However, that’s just my opinion. Also, perhaps my view is tainted by the fact that my husband’s a smoker 😦 so every hour or so we’d have to STOP so he could have a fag! You just don’t STOP on road trips, in my book, unless it’s to look at something or eat! πŸ™‚


    1. It was nice but we were so very tired from the train trip the night before (little to no sleep) so we were hoping to wear ourselves out for the train trip that night. Didn’t work!


  2. I lived in WA for 22 years and yes, the wildflowers are brilliant, BUT I’ve also driven across the Nullarbor three times and back. It is a long drive, expensive on petrol and food and overnight accommodation, and BORING as you drive through dead flat country for so long. Mind you, you can take turn-offs to the Southern Ocean and go whale-watching at one spot which didn’t exist when I drove over the Nullarbor.


  3. Australia is on my bucket list and I love seeing your photos to maintain my interest! Hopefully someday we can visit and you can make it to the States! Thank you for sharing your adventures with me πŸ™‚


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