G is for Gratitude

Hands up if you saw that one coming? Okay, you can put your hands down now πŸ˜›
There is much in life that we can moan about but on the flipside, there is also much that we can be grateful for.
I’m sure that most of us growing up were taught to be grateful for the vegetables on our plates at dinner time with constant reminders from our mothers that there were starving children in Africa who would love to eat the vegetables you were pushing around with your fork.

I’m not making light of the famines in Africa and other countries that have occurred over the years. The point of that sentence is to show that no matter what is happening in our lives, there is always someone, somewhere who has it worse than we do. There is always someone who would be grateful to experience the things that we find difficult.
Are you complaining about the mud and constant rain? There are farmers out there who are suiciding because they are watching their livelihoods crumble around them due to drought.
Are you complaining about having to go to work each day? There are others who are struggling to find a job.
Are you complaining that your mobile (cell) phone has a cracked screen? Do you really need to know that this is a first world problem?
It doesn’t matter what type of day we are having (and believe me there are some shockers of days out there) there is always something contained within that day that we can be grateful for.

I’ve spoken about Gratitude Journals before. In an ideal world, I would actually remember to write in it each night. However I don’t. In my world though, I do attempt to take the time every so often to pull out my journal and write down the things that I am grateful for in my life. I also have a little voice that often whispers in my mind and reminds to me look at what is so right with my life when I am only looking at what is wrong. (There’s that change in perspective thing I wrote about a couple of weeks ago).
To be grateful, we do indeed need to change our perspective.
We need to change from a perspective of selfishness (and ‘it’s all about me’) to one of joy and gratitude (which is also about you really).

A few weeks ago, I was speaking with a colleague about perspective and she told me about a lady that sheΒ  knows who is always bright, happy and upbeat. My colleague asked this lady how she can be this happy day after day. This woman replied that never used to be like that and spent her life in perpetual sadness however one day she made a conscious effort to look for the beauty and joy in that day. One day turned into two and so on and so forth. Today, she is a ray of light for all who spend time with her.
She learned to be grateful for the little things.
And when she learned gratitude – she found happiness.

So today I am grateful for:

  • The opportunity to write my book. (And on that note, I hope those who expressed interest have been receiving emails from me. And if there is anyone else who would like to tell their story about depression and how they cope with it in their daily lives then please drop me a line at smudgetheattackcat@icloud.com )
  • The water feature outside my window. I always smile when I hear it and know that it was put there by my GG just for me
  • The morning breeze
  • A late start at work. (It means that I can get some things done around the house).
  • This blog and the opportunity it has given me to connect with so many people from around the globe
  • My family and the little things they do for me (and with me)
  • My fabric stash (apparently she who dies with the most fabric wins lol)
  • My creativity (although it doesn’t get a work out as often as I would like)
  • Too many other things to bore you with

Now it’s your turn.
What are YOU grateful for today?


39 thoughts on “G is for Gratitude

  1. Really liked your list (especially the fabric one and the morning breeze!).
    I’m grateful for the concept of my own little bubble. I like my bubble zone!


  2. The prospect of walking in the Botanic Gardens with the dearly beloved before going to group therapy; the thought that today is most likely my lasts group therapy session, as I don’t think it’s working for me, and I’m 87% sure I’m going to quit, but for my sake I’m giving it one last shot before pulling the plug (so I don’t have to feel bad that I didn’t give it a proper go); food in the fridge and tea in the pot (always!); that I am living in hope that my insurance claim might actually be approved, and I may – shock, horror! – actually get some money put into my bank account. That would be a game-changer, in terms of my mood and mental health. (Don’t count your chickens, DB …)


  3. Gratitude is so vital to having a happy life! On another note ……. I often heard of the hungry children elsewhere in the world line when I didn’t want to clean everything off my plate. That is something I vowed not to do to my children, training them to overeat simply because there are hungry children elsewhere makes no sense to me.


    1. I think a lot of our parents grew up parents who had been through the depression. I spent a lot of years living with my grandmother (born in 1914) so I can understand her perspective.


  4. Grateful to be alive after a motorcycle wreck that cause a severe brain injury among other things. Even more, to have, at 5 months out, just a little residual damage.
    Love your list … the fabric stash is great πŸ™‚


  5. I find I am much more aware and grateful and stay positive if I’m by myself or with hubby. But when I’m with others, either I start complaining or they do and I get sucked in. Is that because we don’t want to appear PollyAnn-ish in front of others, or it’s natural to complain to others or just to fill the air with talk? Probably some of each. The older I get, the more I want negative thoughts – mine or those of others – cast aside. This month I’m especially grateful for meeting so many thoughtful bloggers.


    1. You know I feel the exactly the same way. When I am at home or with my family I am fine. I am confident and happy and life (is generally) rosy but the minute I walk through the front door at work, it is like it is leeched from me.
      I agree that as I am aging, I want less negativity in my life.
      I think your gratitude point is wonderful too.


  6. Recently I wrote a blog post seeking advice about an important life changing decision I’ve been wrestling with. I am so grateful for the caring and insightful advice my blogging friends provide. The support I receive is phenomenal. Words are inadequate to describe how grateful I am for such friendship. I am also grateful to live in a country rich in land, food, resources and opportunities. Love to you from Jenna πŸ™‚


    1. I think the wordpress community is by and large a wonderful, supportive bunch of people. I have not found too much wrong with them. That could be because of the type of blog I write also.
      And you’re right – at times words can be quite inadequate to express our gratitude.


  7. Gratitude is a way of life for me. Being grateful keeps anxiety away and that makes me grateful, which reduces anxiety, which makes me grateful — so you see… Today, I am especially grateful for the lost dog being collected, my daughters snuggling one another, a phone call with good news, and this dinner, although simple (tuna fish, kettle chips, strawberries, black grapes) is really hitting the spot. Later, I plan to be grateful for my comfy bed and the good night’s sleep I intend to have!


  8. Today, I found the blooms on the trees I believe are called Redbuds are finally blooming. They are so pretty. What I am grateful for, is the fact that the ear doctor helped unplug my ear!


  9. It is a choice to choose to live in gratitude and a great way to learn to go on.
    After many years with strugglings, I decided to learn gratitude and to stay grateful for all in my life. To be happy in the morning, just to wake up. No one are promissed a tomorrow, so live every day.
    Today I’m grateful for my cats did come, when I did wake up to receive love and hugs, I love their nice sound, when I give them love. My dog wanted his hugs too. I did wake up very early, it is early morning here now, so I have a long day to use for packing before my movement. Soon I will take a long walk and play with my dog in our beautiful nature and see, if I can find some great places to take photos too.
    To choose to be happy from the early morning helps to have a much better life for me.
    Wish you a great day Sue πŸ™‚


  10. Right now – this moment? I am grateful to hear these words coming from you. It truly brings me AN IMMENSE amount of Joy.
    Over all each day? FAR too many things to list dear.
    In LIFE? I am grateful for lessons learned. I am grateful for the shit that has gone down to teach me the things I needed to know and understand. I am grateful for making it this far.
    Today – on a more personal note? I am grateful that I managed to move a hospital appointment closer, and that I managed to make sense to someone and be able to move with them to a better place. I am grateful that my kid i snot coughing her lungs out anymore. I am grateful for people who give a rats ass about life and others in it. (that be you in there dearest Suz)
    LOVE this post!!


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