Weekend find

As my last post was a bit ‘heavy’, I thought I would write and schedule this post for a little later in the day.
Although I am loving the A2Z challenge, I am finding that some of the little things I want to share with you are being left out. So this post is to let you know about my weekend (just past).

I love weekends. I love any time away from work. Period!
Last weekend I began with my regular sewing group. We hadn’t met for a month or so because of various craft shows falling on our regular fortnight so it was good to sit, sew, sip tea and chat.
I was working on the Tween’s quilt but gave up after a while and pulled out another project to sew. I’m going to make an ottoman. I hope that it turns out well. If it does, I can make more for other people.
After sewing, I had lunch and browsed the local shops with my friend. Girl time is always great.
Then dinner out that night with the GG (the Tween was at a sleepover). I wish I could say the food was great but the fish was dry and cold. The salsa was to die for though 😉 The company was wonderful although he embarrasses easily. The cause of his embarrassment? My enjoyment of the entertainment at the club that night. I was singing along and bopping in my chair. He suggested we leave. Killjoy!! 😛
The next morning, I suggested we go for a drive and have breakfast in a town nearby. I took my camera so I could take lots of photos. In the back of my mind was Laura Macky’s blog and her wonderful black and white photos of late, so I decided to shoot predominantly in b&w.
Breakfast (eggs benedict) was divine!!! There was a busker outside the cafe and he wasn’t too bad. Not great – but pleasant.
After breakfast we wandered around town checking out the few stores that were open (mainly antique shops) and taking photos. Outside the newsagent was a noticeboard where the GG found a notice for a garage sale. We got directions from a local and set off. We hadn’t been on this side of the town before and found it beautiful.
The garage sale was in a home set way off the road and across a little gully. It was a beautiful home. There wasn’t much there in the way of things for sale, but what they had was good quality.
The men got to talking about our car (old Holden Kingswood) and I chatted with the lady of the house about all manner of things – and the car.
They had some beautiful antiques there including an old Singer sewing machine. It wasn’t a treadle machine but rather it uses a crank that is operated by your right knee to sew. The machine was in working order and still runs. I fell in love.
The people having the sale told us to make an offer. We didn’t want to appear too insulting so we asked them what they thought would be fair. The answer? $20. I couldn’t believe it. We offered them $40. They took $30.
So the beautiful old girl came home with me – complete with immaculate carry case. She now lives under my hall table.
046-copyIf you look on the right hand side  of the base you can see the crank. 048She needs a bit of a clean up but she goes like a charm. Isn’t she beautiful?


44 thoughts on “Weekend find

  1. She is beautiful and has a history! I share your mixed emotions – like A toZ but unsure whether to post additionals That inspire me now or hold them until May. I decided to hold them, but enjoyed your break in the flow!


    1. I’m pleased my break in the flow didn’t throw you off too much.
      I would love to know her history. The lady I bought it off said that she received it from an elderly neighbour at one time.


  2. Wow, Sue, very beautiful. I love you bargained in opposite-the-usual directions with the seller! Too cute. I really enjoyed “bopping along” with the story of your weekend. It made me totally happy. Which is a nice way to be before I fall asleep. So… thank you!!




  3. What a wonderful find, you’ll feel good very time you look at that reminder of the past. I like your bartering method, also!

    Up here in the Atherton Tablelands, I’m trying to make sure I’m ready if that darn Cyclone Ita extends her range. The people on the coast must be holding their collective breath.



  4. what a great sewing machine! You reminded me I have one that looks similar, but it folds down inside a table- I use the table, and I actually forgot about the sewing machine tucked inside. Also a garage sale purchase! Will have to open it up and take a look! Enjoy every minute of using it!


  5. She’s beautiful. I don’t do much sewing, but when I do I use an old Singer similar to the one in the photo. It’s in a table like Daily Musings described. I used to have a more modern machine, but it didn’t work nearly as well as the old Singer that I got from my parents–so I got rid of it. 🙂


    1. That’s interesting. This makes three machines in my house now. The one I use all the time is computerised and sews over a hundred stitches.
      I believe this old girl will only sew a couple. 🙂


    1. The next ones after this came with a foot pedal. Before the other day I had only seen those or the ones in the table with the treadle. The knee crank is definitely something interesting.


    1. I thought so. Not the best photos though. The GG had her set out on our dining room table and the light in there is horrid. I didn’t want to play around with camera settings too much so I just put it on auto. lol


    1. These people had other antiques there. There was this old travelling suitcase that had hanging space and wooden drawers but it needed a lot of repair work to it – and we don’t have anywhere to put it either.


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