Through my Lens

It’s Sunday so today I share some photos of my country.
Last week, the GG and I went to a nearby town called Canungra for breakfast. I packed my camera and took lots of photos. I largely shot in black and white however there are a few colour photos thrown in for good measure.
I have processed some of these photos with an HDR action in photoshop (that didn’t work properly because my version of PS is quite old but I modified the photos to suit what I liked). I hope you enjoy. Our first stop in town was at the Trading Post for breakfast. We had been told that they make a great Eggs Benedict so I wanted to try it. They were right. The eggs were to die for.
The Outpost Cafe is most popular on weekends as it is set on the main highway through to the Gold Coast. It was great to see that the new anti-bikie laws in Queensland have not stopped the recreational riders from getting out and about. We ate our breakfast surrounded by leather clad men and women whilst being serenaded by a busker.001-copy-2I forgot to take a photo of the Outpost itself until after we left and the windscreen of the car was dirty so the photo wasn’t so great. Going back there this morning for breakfast, so I’ll rectify my mistake then.
006-copyAs you can see, a popular spot for breakfast on a Sunday morning. I watched these gentleman sitting on the seat out the front, chatting and watching the traffic and couldn’t resist getting a photo of them.
004-copyAfter breakfast we took a walk around town (not very big at all) and looked in some of the shops. Plenty of antiques to admire.
We were parked across the road from the Canungra Hotel so I had to include that in my photos.
038-copyI wish the car wasn’t parked there though.
Here are many more photos of my morning in Canungra.

Today we are going out with friends for the day and visiting Canungra, Beechmont, Springbrook and the Hinze Dam. Packing my camera 🙂


14 thoughts on “Through my Lens

  1. Thanks for including ‘The Canungra Times’ building in the shots Sue! BTW the Trading Post is actually called The Outpost Cafe. Glad you enjoyed your visit to our little town. 🙂


  2. I think it was Springbrook where we stopped at this fabulous little outdoor eatery and witnessed a kookaburra (sp?) quite literally swoop in and steal a person’s sandwich. It was a lovely day there. I am so envious!!! I wanna go too! :/


    1. Springbrook is delightful. We didn’t get there last weekend but we will go again. And kookaburras around tourist areas (or picnic spots) are generally not scared of people and will do those things. lol


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