M is for Meditation

I am  not qualified to write a huge discourse on meditation, so I won’t.
I will say that I meditate most days (there are days that I forget which is a bit naughty).
I am no expert. I am just an ordinary person trying to get some peace in my life. I have books and books on meditation. Two of my favourite authors for books on developing a meditation practice are Ajahn Brahm and Thich Nat Hanh. Ajahn Brahm writes with touches of humour (must be the fact that he lives in Australia) that make him immensely readable.
Both of these wonderful men acknowledge that meditation is not something that comes with ease. It is something that needs to be worked on. I love that Ajahn Brahm has written openly of his struggles in his quest to find peace of mind in this crazy world. He has obviously succeeded but has not forgotten how hard it was for him to get there.
So with these wonderful human beings as inspiration, I set out one day many years ago to find that same peace.
Some days I win and some I lose.
Some days there is no taming the restless monkey that is my mind, so I don’t even try. I just sit quietly.
I have tried guided meditations. Some of these I find wonderful and some just don’t do it for me. It’s trial and error. The GG often says to me “How many CDs do you need”? I will keep looking until I find ones that work for me.
I also participate in the free 21 day meditations offered regularly by Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey. These are partially guided teachings and meditations. They are short (approximately 15 minutes) which is perfect for me on work mornings. Actually a new one has just begun if anyone wishes to register and give it a go. The current one is called “Finding your Flow“.
I have looked into purchasing these on CD (I don’t want downloads) however the cost of shipping from the US is outrageous.
However, I digress.
I also enjoying meditating to a CD of Wayne Dyer’s called “I am”. The music is calming and relaxing and is just perfect to settle me for the day prior to going to work.

So how successful are my meditations?
I’ll be honest. Most days counting my breath (a technique suggested by Ajahn Brahm) doesn’t get beyond 2 before my thoughts start gatecrashing and then I have to go back and start all over again. The most important thing that I have found is that I shouldn’t beat myself up because my thoughts keep intruding. I need to acknowledge the thought and then begin again. Timber Hawkeye (author of Buddhist Boot Camp) once wrote on his facebook page that there is no such thing as a bad meditation. Each time you take the time to centre yourself and still your mind you are doing well. If you have to acknowledge your thoughts 1000 times and bring your mind back to the present 1000 times, then it is still a good meditation.
These words give me hope.

I enjoy my meditation times.
I do not sit on the floor cross legged. I have tried that but my knees doth protest too much. I have tried a meditation stool where you sit on an angle with your legs tucked up underneath. Have I mentioned that my knees aren’t real good?
So when I meditate, I sit on the sofa in the spare room. Sometimes I light a candle but more often than not I don’t.
Just being in this room is incredibly calming and relaxing. Even the GG has commented just what a great ‘vibe’ the room has.
I take several deep breaths in order to stop and let go of the rush of the day and I begin to breathe. I concentrate on the inflow and outflow of my breath.
Some days I do an “I am” meditation in which I ask God (or the universe) to let me know what I am today and then with my inbreath I say in my mind “I am xxxx” and on the exhalation I say “I am”.
Other days, I meditate on a quote or a scripture reciting it over and over in my mind whilst stilling my mind for deeper insight.
And other days, I just breathe.
I always enjoy having music.
Music in itself is calming to me.
Search for music you enjoy. I love the sound of rain, bells, wind chimes, wind or birdsong. Sometimes simple piano music is all I need. My music changes with my moods.
Of course not everyone likes music. But it’s about finding what you enjoy and makes your soul sing.
Don’t be upset if you fall asleep.
I’ve sometimes come out of the spare room and the GG has said “You were in there a while. You fell asleep didn’t you”? 😳
I believe that everyone falls asleep at some point in their meditation experiences.

So meditation to me has become a big part of my life. As I said, I don’t practice it every day (or even twice a day as I know I should) however I aim for at least 5 days every week. And my life is so much richer for doing so.

Some days I find that life has pulled me in so many directions that just taking 10 minutes to stop and breathe is wonderful.

So that is my “M” word for today. It’s not for everyone but it’s worked for me.

17 thoughts on “M is for Meditation

  1. I don’t fall asleep during meditation. Of course, as much as I love sleep, it avoids me a lot….
    Anyway, great you have a good vibe room! I try to do my meditation outside as much as possible, but inside, I choose the bathtub. The bathtub is where I count my blessings, too.


    1. The bathtub sounds like an awesome place to meditate. My tub is not big enough for me unfortunately and I can’t get a really good soak.
      I don’t often fall asleep during meditation but it does happen sometimes 😉


  2. It’s hard! I have the best intentions, but it is very hard to still my mind and my body. At least I have become much more aware of how shallowly I typically breathe and am consciously taking deeper, more rhythmic breaths throughout the day.


    1. I have had to learn to cut myself off from work. When I walk through the door, I do my best to leave work issues there. Of course it doesn’t always work but it is getting easier over time.
      I do often think about my writing whilst I am trying to meditate but you just need to keep bringing your thoughts back to the present.


        1. But when you are blogging, your mind is still active is it not? And you aren’t really in the present because you are wherever other bloggers take you.


  3. I have had a little success. Of course I’m still in the crawling stage. I am giving myself credit even if I only stop for a few moments to clear my thoughts. Glad that Meditation was your m word, and not menopause. 😀


    1. Why??? Isn’t menopause important too?
      Actually my menopause thinks it deserves more than a passing mention but I keep pushing it back into its box lol


  4. Good for you Sue!
    We are good at meditation when we are able to keep drawing our attention back to the anchor. Meditation is training of the mind. Its like training a puppy. Be kind to it, don’t be harsh and critical because it doesn’t obey.
    The still mind and bliss state comes with years of practice…. and we hope to get glimpses of this on the way 🙂

    The research shows that when we meditate we also create new neural pathways that enable us to move into a calm mind state more easily. We become less reactive and more of a silent witness to our emotional ups and downs.


  5. Daily meditation makes a world of difference. I often forget to do it though, but my workouts have a similar benefit. It’s great for the mind, body and soul and an excellent stress reliever.


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