R is for Real

There are so many ‘R’ words I could have chosen today. I thought seriously about ‘rich’ and ‘random’. ‘Reaching out’ was another fine contender. And of course there was ‘respect’ but the word ‘Real’ just popped into my head.Every person reading this post is a real person. Every person who writes a blog post is a real person.
I am a real person.
I have a real family.
I have real emotions.
My life is real.
Behind the anonymity of keyboards and screens all over the world are real people – with flesh, blood and bones.
They cry. They sleep. They work. They pay bills. They laugh. They do everything that any other person does.
Yet as we read their blog posts and words each day, we forget sometimes that those words were written by real people.
It is no different on Facebook. We forget that the people we interact with on any social media platform are in fact real people.
In the past week, I have seen people hurt by the words of others.
They forget that the typed and written word does not show intonation. Others reading cannot see facial expressions or hand movements that lend power to the spoken word.
And feelings are hurt.
Because the people reading your words are real.

So each day as you sit at your keyboard and type your words, please remember that those words have power.
The words you choose can be used to heal or to hurt.
They can strike fear or provoke sympathy.
Because the readers are real people – like you.
Let’s all remember that real people have real feelings.
Let’s keep it real.

27 thoughts on “R is for Real

  1. Thanks for a reminder we can all use. The immediacy of our social media does mean we often write and “send” before thinking how we might come across to recipient. You are so right that the missing expressions and body language mean the recipient might read a whole different meNing into our words than what we intended.


    1. It’s difficult to see a face through a keyboard. You could be saying something with a huge smile on your face and in a teasing manner and it’s not interpreted that way. Shame really.


      1. That is so true. I tend to write with humor – sometimes satire- and I really should be more careful. I have been trying to do thst in comments since I’m new to most of these blogging relationships. On the other hand, some people need a good dose of humor to kickstart their silly side. Delicate bslance for sure!


  2. Important message Sue. There are no reason to hurt other people. No matter how bad some people are feeling about themselves, they are not allowed to let it go on to other souls.
    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Something this blogade me think about was the way in companies/ organisations people can forget the real people, doing their very best so often, that work in these teams they so rudely criticise “H.R are hopeless” “finance just have no idea” “operations just mess things up” or ” xxxxx I.T ” . So easy to blame and finger point when you take the real people out of your picture…
    So I always make it my business to remind them that it’s good working real people they are talking about, none of whom start their day trying to make the day if others a misery!


  4. Really awesome Sue! When we distance ourselves we lose our human connection. When we label people they become objects. When they are objects it leads to violence.
    Humanity is about shared needs. We all want to be loved. To feel good about ourselves. To belong. To be happy.
    How easy its is to forget in this not so connected technological world!
    Val x


  5. Well said. You know what keeps it real for me? I write (type) what I think or feel. It is true, and if I couldn’t say it to someone’s face, I won’t type it either. Who knows—one day you may come face to face with the person being offended. Some typed comments are blatant, some can be misinterpreted. Trying to understand, instead of striking back is a good plan. Asking for clarification is always good too. Yeah, let’s keep it real. 🙂


  6. Suz, this is just so true. Would you believe that another WordPress user actually emailed me a negative critique of my writing?! Luckily it was so ridiculously and transparently vindictive that I could shrug it off. I simply don’t understand the thought processes behind that sort of action! As you say, either they don’t see me as a real person, or they feel entitled to write hurtful words and send them to my inbox … there are some odd people out there.


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