W is for Weekend (Through my Lens)

As part of the A-Z challenge, you get Sundays off however I have managed to fall behind. I must admit that I’m not really enjoying this challenge as it is difficult to write posts some days and I’m sure that is evident in my writing. I prefer to write what is in my heart or things that have happened and unfortunately they don’t always alphabetise themselves. 😉
Today (being Sunday) I am going to combine my challenge and my Through My Lens posts. 🙂
This weekend has been a big one for me. It started on Friday with ANZAC Day and I found myself going off to the march on my own. The Tween didn’t want to march without her friends this year and since they weren’t well, she decided she would stay home and watch re-runs of Dance Moms. The GG stayed home with her.So I attended on my own.
In the afternoon we headed off to Toowoomba (the largest Australian inland town) as the First Born was graduating university on Saturday morning. We thought that we could get up there the day before and check out where everything was so that we wouldn’t find ourselves rushing or getting lost the next day (we also had plans to catch up with the GG’s sister a further hour west). The graduation went well and I am so proud of my girl. We managed to catch up with my parents as well and there were a few tears shed by us all.
After lunch with the graduate, we headed out to Dalby to see the GG’s sister and her family and then drove back to Toowoomba to stay the night once again.
I wanted to see the Japanese Gardens so we were there just after the gates opened this morning. We spent an hour or so there taking lots of photos. I still haven’t downloaded the photos from the GG’s camera just yet. He took lots of photos of the ducks. From there we went to the Felton Food Festival. Can I just say wow!!!! The festival itself is set in a paddock in the middle of surrounding farmland. And the cars were everywhere. Due to the fact that it is quite dry in those parts, there was a prevalence of dust that managed to find its way into everything. The car needs a huge wash tomorrow and I am still sneezing.
So here are some photos to show you and I’ll put the rest in a gallery.
017-copyThe gardens are part of the university grounds and well maintained. They appear to be very popular. Even getting there first thing in the morning, we found people walking their dogs and small family groups meeting. The main pond is full of different types of ducks and ibis.
026-copyI practiced different settings and using different lenses whilst I was there. I won some and some I lost.
035-copyI had a photobomber that managed to find her way into just about every photo. This one was underexposed but I have vignetted and I must say I like it. (Said photobomber is extremely proud of herself and has saved this particular photo to her iPad) 😀
066-copyI don’t often use my macro lens but used it in the above photo. I love the ants in the centre of the camellia.
149-copyA wish for us all.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend all.
Be kind to yourselves.

43 thoughts on “W is for Weekend (Through my Lens)

  1. Congratulations on your family graduation – such a milestone in a young life!

    I understand about A to Z. I had to write all my posts ahead of time in March. I wouldn’t be able to participate otherwise for health and scheduling reasons. Still, I found several days in April when I wanted to write a spontaneous post that didn’t fit the letter. Some I’ll be able to post in May. I am glad you participated, though, because I don’t know if I would have found you otherwise!

    Photos are spectacular even with your pesky photobomber 🙂


    1. I’m not sure I’ll share the graduation pics Laura after my little scare with the whole tagging thing (btw my traffic has dropped since I pulled those photos and tags). When I download the photos of the GG’s camera I’ll find the duck photos. I took a couple but they are pretty ordinary.


  2. Your creative eye shines through these photos. It is healing isn’t it. Because the world is beautiful when we look for it. You have, whatever is past has helped you become who you are now. The good and the bad. Choose life!


  3. Suz, your photography is wonderful! I love the photobomber one in particular.
    I can’t blame you for struggling on the A-Z Challenge … that’s a tough one. This was the third post today about Anzac Day … I’ve learned much about different people remember this day.
    May Peace Prevail … indeed.
    Thank you!


  4. You have some great photos going here Suz. the photo bomber is a beauty. I actually like the unusual and slightly quirky.


  5. Hello! I’m popping in from the a-z challenge. You have beautiful photos here. I’m getting tired of the challenge too. 🙂 This is my 3rd year, and I’ve learned to write posts ahead of time (like all year long), then come April 1, you can just read other blogs, and not have to write, just post. 🙂 I admire that you share your thoughts on depression…most of us have faced it at some time or other. I think blogging can help a lot of people. I try to write things that help others too. I’m going to like your fb page, b/c I best stay in touch with people that way. You can visit my fb page, if you’d like: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Adventures-in-the-Ballpark-Marianne-Ball/394038163950377?ref=hl


  6. A lovely post Sue and great pictures, I am still trying to master my Canon 400d.
    I recall marching on Anzac day about 7 years ago in Toowoomba, back in those days I lived at Clifton, between Toowoomba and Warwick.
    Thanks for sharing a lovely post Sue.


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