Through my Lens – Sunday Drive

This morning, we ventured forth to pick up the Tween from a birthday sleepover a little way out of town. On the way there I suggested  that we might go the long way home and have brunch in Jimboomba dependent upon how tired and/or hungry the party-goer might be.
Although the Tween was full from bacon and eggs followed by birthday cake and was currently sucking a lollipop she did say that she thought she might just squeeze in an iced chocolate from Zarraffas.
On an impulse, I had thrown my little point and shoot Canon into my bag on the off chance a photographic opportunity arose and I was so pleased  that I did as the GG decided we would stop in by the historic St John the Evangelical Church at Mundoolun on our way if the gates were unlocked.
They were.

Although I have lived in this area for almost 20 years, I have never seen the church however have heard much about it including the urban legend that it is the basis of a horror movie about a ghost who decapitates unsuspecting people who visit the church at night. Since most people are respectful, they would only visit the church during visiting hours.
The church itself was built in 1901 of local sandstone in the memory of the couple who settled this area. The inside furnishings are all Red Cedar.
The church itself cannot be seen from the road as it is surrounded by bushland and is accessible by a dirt driveway. The caretaker (who lives beside the church and graveyard) was out with his wife, dogs and children and doing his best to fill in the washouts caused by last week’s storms.
Owned by the Anglican Church, it is still used for an occasional service but is popular for weddings and christenings.
The Garden Gnome and the Tween did not want to get out of the car as Winter has hit overnight (it’s Autumn) and the windchill factor is pretty cold however, I wanted to take photos so they parked the car and joined me in exploring.
I hope you enjoy looking around with me.
001-copyThe camera captured the sky as an incredible blue this morning. I must admit that even now there are very few clouds.
024-copyThis was what was holding the rainwater downpipes on at the sides of the church. Just divine.
019-copyI loved the way that the morning light was coming in through the window.

I am enjoying getting out and about on weekends and taking photos so there will be lots more to come. (And I still haven’t worked through all my holiday (vacation) photos yet) lol
Enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂


35 thoughts on “Through my Lens – Sunday Drive

      1. It is Suz, I think you should do more with it, see what else you can get. Though what i think you should do and what you should do have no relationship, I just loved the little church. Your photos were great.


  1. Such a beautiful blue autumn sky to backdrop the church. I have been somewhat remiss in my weekend (actually week day writing too lol) recording of the adventures around my area. Must start catching up on it.


  2. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your area. I like your idea of getting out each weekend to take some photos. It sounds much more healthy for mental well being, than sitting in front of the television. Since it isn’t football season, I think I may drag my husband out with me. Hopefully, I will have some photos to share. 🙂


    1. I am going to work on the whole concept of exploring the local area a little more. I am now writing for a website called Weekend Notes so I’m hoping to cover a lot of the often overlooked things in the area.


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