Thoughts for Today

It’s been a while since I have done a post on blessings, gratitude and beauty so here goes.
Today I am…..

  • Enjoying the colder weather that has descended upon us. Although I complain about the cold, it makes me feel alive.
  • Blessed by the clear blue Autumnal sky I can see from my window
  • Grateful that the countdown is continuing until the next step in my life
  • Blessed by the love of my family
  • Enjoying the good memories from the party I attended the other night
  • Laughing at the silly videos and memes that pop up on my FB feed (and then share on)
  • Grateful that although it is cold I am able to stay warm
  • Enjoying the crispness of the morning air
  • Blessed that when I am hungry, there is food for me to eat
  • Grateful for friends and their support
  • Happy when I can beat my highest scores on any of the games I play on my iPad
  • Grateful that I can pay my bills
  • Blessed that I know my family will stand up for me, by me and always be with me

Okay, that’s my list for today.
Care to share yours?


44 thoughts on “Thoughts for Today

  1. I love your blessings. As you enter Autumn, we enter Summer (I suppose it’s technically Spring, but the temperatures are on the rise). I am so grateful the prediction for the coming weeks weather is nothing but sunshine and warm days. My oldest son’s girlfriend is making dinner for us tonight–I don’t have to cook–best of all, I didn’t have to go to the grocery store. I’m thankful for my courage. I am so blessed to have the family I have.


  2. That’s wonderful, Sue. I’m a firm believer that no matter what our life looks like, there is always something to be thankful for. Thank you for sharing the simple things that many take for granted. I’m thankful that I can type this right now, because that means I’m alive.


  3. No particular order: That kink I woke up with went away. Allergy meds. Good health of family and friends. No anxiety, low stress day. Yoga outside. Cool breeze. The neighbors have a trampoline for Moo to play on. Blessed marriage. Lilacs, tulips, the grass has been mowed. Plenty of good food to eat, not even close to out of laundry supplies, freshly laundered bedding, dishwasher emptied, and Game of Thrones is on tonight. 🙂 Random, but true!


    1. The Garden Gnome wanted to buy some tulip bulbs the other day and I thought of you when we bought them. lol I think I’m going to get a large ceramic pot and put them all in that.


  4. I am so thankful I read your post that reminded me that even on this day I have much to be thankful for. My big brother called me. Even though I might lose a friend to God she will be out of pain and in His hands. I have food enough to share. My son visited today. I can walk again, slowly, but surely. I will visit my Mom next Sunday on Mother’s Day. The rain has stopped for now and the sun shone all day. Life is good. Blessings Sue.


    1. It is definitely about how you choose to perceive a situation. An event has no meaning until you assign it one and I would like to think that I am assigning good things to the events in my life. Blessings to you also Robyn.


  5. Grateful that the rain has stopped here in Minnesota. Grateful that it’s getting warmer. Grateful for the warmth of my relationship with my children and they with each other. Grateful for all my parents did for me all those years.


  6. Great post Sue 😀
    I’m grateful to wake up, give love to my animals, listen to the birds singing, have found a nice house, as I feel good in. Start to feel more abundance in my life, which means that I soon are ready to go on with new projects in my life. I have a loving family, as I miss a lot. My daughter will soon visit me for a week 😀


  7. I can’t believe you posted about being grateful. We just had a sermon on that yesterday! And I need to start remembering to include this in my daily thoughts. I’m grateful for your post!


  8. I do like your list of blessings … we all need to do this, don’t we?
    I too am grateful for friends and family; to give strength to and receive strength from.
    Thank you Suz for setting the example for all of us


  9. Pretty much what you said Suz, though I have to say that waking up alive tops my list. How the day goes after that is anyone’s guess. Thankful for being loved is next on the list.


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