Creating a playlist for the future

The other day I read a fantastic idea somewhere in my travels about creating a playlist for the times you need a pick-me-up.
I decided to call mine my “Happy Mix”.
The original suggestion was to create a mix with about 10 songs. However I am not one to conform to suggestions (sometimes) so my final playlist is 2 full CDs.
I chose these songs on the ability to make me do the following things:

  1. Put a smile on my face
  2. Make me want to dance
  3. Encourages me to sing along
  4. All of the above

As I write this post I have these songs playing and I feel great!!
It’s Saturday morning (my favourite time of the week). I am listening to great music and talking to my friends. What more could I want?
So here is a list of some of the songs I have chosen for my mix:

  • Footloose – Kenny Loggins
  • Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Bobby McFerrin
  • Sugar, Sugar – The Archies
  • Counting the Beat – The Swingers
  • Bright Side of Life – Monty Python
  • I’m Still Standing – Elton John
  • Hey Ya – Outkast
  • Do Wa Diddy – Manfred Man
  • I’m a Believer – Smash Mouth
  • 500 Miles – The Proclaimers
  • Rock the Casbah – The Clash
  • Our House – Madness
  • Locomotion – Kylie Minogue
  • Happy – Pharrell Williams
  • I’ll be There for You – The Rembrandts

So that is a part of my list. I’m thinking of creating a CD 3 for my collection though.
If you were creating your own CD, what songs would you include?

Edited to include a video of the one I missed. For you Nav πŸ™‚


40 thoughts on “Creating a playlist for the future

          1. I’ve come up with two: “Nosebleed Section” by the Hilltop Hoods and “The Bold and the Beautiful”, that satirical song whose artists I can’t bring to mind right now. I think music is such a big part of me that most pieces I love have too many strings, for want of a better word. For example, there was this Tchaikovsky I used to listen to for strength after leaving an abusive situation for strength and inspiration, but now it reminds me of all the pain around that time, as I was leaving the frying pan and learning I’d leapt into the fire.
            God I’m depressed …


            1. I’ll have to look those ones up. Can’t say that I’m a fan of the Hilltop Hoods although I know my son in law is.
              I think some of the classics are perfect for feeling good. I like Brahms “Hungarian Rhapsody” because when I hear it, it reminds me of being in primary school and the teacher had written words to it and taught us the words. Of course the fact that I am part-Hungarian also plays a part in it.


      1. Too young? I’m older than you. lol
        I’m aware of the lumberjack song however since I wish to play these CDs at home, it would be best if I chose songs that would prevent the use of physical violence upon myself by the others that I live with. As it is, the Tween has gone to her room and shut the door. lol


  1. Great idea! I’m certain I’ll be singing Footloose in my head for the rest of the evening, and that is perfectly okay. πŸ™‚ One of mine would be Grandpa, by the Judds. It’s technically a downer type song, but my Mom and I used to sing it together with the thickest accent we could muster. We’d laugh and laugh. We still do every time we hear it.


  2. It’s Raining Men by The Weather Girls
    New Attitude by Patti LaBelle
    We Shall Be Free by Garth Brooks
    Chattahoochee By Alan Jackson
    Gone, Gone, Gone by Phillip Phillips
    Dancing Queen by Abba
    I believe I can fly by R. Kelly
    Take Me To The Moon by Frank Sinatra
    Beat It by Michael Jackson
    Roar by Katie Perry
    I Feel Good by James Brown
    Fantasy by Earth Wind and Fire
    Dancing in the street by Van Halen
    California Dreaming by the Mamas and Papas
    Make Your Own a Kind of Music by Cass Elliot
    Forever Young by Bob Dylan
    Lay Down Sally by Eric Clapton
    More Than a Feeling by Boston
    Hakuna Matata by Elton John from the Lion King
    Let’s Get This Party Started by Pink
    The Opening Music Before NFL games played on the FOX network

    I’m making a cd…..those are some great songs there πŸ™‚


    1. Oh, you’ve got some good ones in there that I hadn’t even thought of. I have got I Feel good and September by Earth, Wind and Fire. I had completely forgotten about Hakuna Matata. Love it. I feel a third CD coming on.


  3. Great idea to create some CD’s with happy music Sue πŸ™‚

    I’m not good to remember all the titles at my favorite music, but I would make a mix from Queen, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Rammstein, DAD, Saybia, Eric Clapton and some more, which would give me a great experience.


  4. Great list; many are on my “happy playlist” too! Especially Elton John’s “I’m Still Standing” — I don’t see others responding to it the way I do. Glad to know there’s someone else in the world THAT UNDERSTANDS.


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