To love and be loved

Mothers everywhere are gifted one day each year in which the moneymakers say we should spend the time (and money) both showing and telling them that we love them. The truth is that each day is Mother’s Day.
Each woman who has children in her life is a mother. Whether those children are adults, teenagers, toddlers, babies or covered in fur.
Way back in October, I shared a post “I am a Mother” about parenting adult children because even after they leave the nest, they are still your children. Just because they have families of their own doesn’t lessen the duties of motherhood.
This morning I woke up to a Facebook post from The Son that made me cry. It is one of the precious moments of motherhood that I will cherish.
Untitled-2Along with the tears, I was mentally correcting his spelling though! πŸ˜€
I have another special child that has blessed me by a public post recently.
Untitled-1I am blessed so much by the children that I have.
Every mother on this Earth is blessed by her children.
I am grateful that after the hell of the teenage years, the world now has two adults to be proud of.
And I can’t forget the Tween (although she is still in bed). Her sunny smile and quirky sense of humour keep me going day after day.
Case in point:
The other evening I was in bed (got a lurgy again *sigh*) and she came in to talk to me.
Her: “Mum there was talk about a kidnapping at school this morning”.
Me (jolting into fully alert status): “What? Where? What happened?”
Her: “It’s all okay Mum. One of the teachers woke him up.”

It took a full 20 seconds before it registered what she said and I groaned and laughed out loud at the same time.
The life of a mother is one of blessings and laughter mixed in with the struggles and drama.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers out there.


18 thoughts on “To love and be loved

  1. Suz, the emails from your children are beautiful. Moms don’t need diamonds, flowers, or other expensive gifts. Words of appreciation are all it takes to warm our hearts.


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