29 thoughts on “Thought for Today

    1. By that reasoning, there is no reason that Albert Einstein should have said it then.
      I define a miracle as something that I can explain. By my definition, everything in nature is a miracle then. 🙂


  1. In response to myathiestlife—you made me smile–which has been a suspension of the natural laws for my personal journey, of late—a miracle. Whether one believes in miracles or not, there are many, many beautiful creations, either man made, or simple evolution of nature which make each day, a day to embrace. The sun came up for me this morning, I’m breathing, I’m healthy. For that, I’m thankful for whether it’s a miracle or not. Thank you Sue for the reminder to find the little things! 🙂


  2. To our visiting atheist. A miracle is a suspension of natural laws … as we know them. Its arrogant to think that we know everything and therefore to judge that the unknown does not exist.
    So I will embrace everything that I do not know how it comes about as a miracle today.
    Okay … I’m overloaded already 🙂


  3. My waking up each day is a bloody miracle, the way I feel sometimes.
    But if we do take notice there are many little things happening that I like to call miracles.


    1. I don’t think you’re alone on that one Ian. I know of a few of my followers who count waking up each morning as their major achievement of the day! lol
      But yes, there are little miracles everywhere.


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