Looking for happiness

For many of us, the quest for happiness is something that we devote a lot of time to.
How many times have we heard words such as “If I had enough money to buy that car I’d be happy” or “I’ll only be happy when we have the house paid off”.
Whilst these words reflect the need for financial security or the need for transport, they shouldn’t be a measure of happiness.
Each day dawns and presents us with new challenges. Many of those challenges drag us down.
Whether we stay down remains our choice.
However, this post is about happiness and not about being down. Yesterday I blogged about positivity and I fervently believe that the two are entwined.
Positive people are happy people. Happy people see the positive in their world.
I’ve blogged before about Nick Vujicic. For those who are unaware of who this man is, he was born into life without any limbs. However, the lack of limbs has not stopped him from living his life and he currently travels the world speaking with others and sharing his love.
I subscribe to Nick’s Facebook page and the other day he posted a video of himself playing on the trampoline with his toddler son. I don’t know who was having the most fun as they bounced and rolled around together and laughed. The video showed their happiness and made me happy to share it with them.
Nick has learned that the things we have (or don’t have) are no barrier to happiness.
I’ve often heard that happiness is a state of mind. I guess I would have to agree. We can choose to be happy or we can choose to be sad (note: I said sad – not depressed as there is a difference).
When we choose happiness, it affects not only ourselves but those around us. Happiness is contagious believe it or not.
Have you ever remained sad around a ‘sunny’ person?
We can be happy and through our happiness, we can pass it on. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather catch ‘happy germs’ than the latest virus being shared in the office.

When I began this post today, I was going to share my blessings with you. The things that have made me smile and given me happiness over the past couple of days. And then I find this quote by Nick and remembered the video I watched the other day.
happinessWhen I thought about what has made me happy in the past couple of days, I realised that they weren’t things. (Well some of them were – but they were created by people). It was people that made me happy. Their words and their actions.
I found my happiness in little things like:

  • Attending a ‘Princess Pamper Session’ in the classroom of my Grade 1 granddaughter where she put a crown she had made on my head, rubbed hand cream into my arms and hands, painted my nails (blue), massaged my shoulders and dressed me in a toilet paper gown.
  • Picking up my other granddaughter from her prep classroom after school as a surprise
  • Roses cut from our garden and placed on the kitchen bench by the Garden Gnome
  • An email from the Tween saying “Good Morning” (sent the night before) because she ‘doesn’t do mornings’ very well
  • The delight on the The Tween’s face when I agreed to purchase tickets to have High Tea with Abbey Lee and the Dance Moms cast (on my birthday)
  • The big hug she gave me afterwards
  • Curling up on the lounge and watching TV with my family at night
  • Walking in the front door after a long day at work
  • Being surrounded by love every day

Whilst some of these are ‘things’  that made me happy, it is because of the people that the happiness occurred.
So today I urge you all, to go forth and find happiness!!

p.s. Let me know how you go. 😉

9 thoughts on “Looking for happiness

  1. I just saw Nick on TV and I can’t remember what show it was but talk about inspiring! I have nothing to complain about and only things to be grateful for. We are beyond our bodies and our material things.


    1. I have to admit that I love his sense of humour. I once saw a clip of him going down a water slide at a theme park and when he came up he started yelling that he’d lost his legs rofl


      1. hahaha that’s hilarious! You’ve gotta love someone who can laugh at themselves with all their flaws and imperfections and still look at life positively. I need that bottled and sent via Amazon immediately! 😛


  2. Nick is amazing- I found his videos years ago and was mesmerized. Love this post- what great things to have to make you happy. Especially the Princess Pamper Session!! 🙂


  3. I found Nick several years ago online. He has a slew of videos at YourTubes.
    What gets me happy? Waking up to a quiet house and being the first person up in the morning.


  4. I love your list of things-that weren’t things-that made you happy. In answer to to your question how I went forth…..I made it from point A to point B and back, in a tin tube, and we didn’t crash. The experience made me happy because I had my husband there to hold my hand. My husband and I just celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary, but were too exhausted to go anywhere and we celebrated over pizza, followed by an hour of staring at the television-can’t even remember what we watched. I received the most wonderful welcome home from my grandpuppy, including her tongue up my nose to make the point of how happy she truly was. While I have discovered I still have a long way to go in order to let go of the crap that seriously makes me sad, I am finding what happiness is—finally.


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