Through my Lens – Tamrookum Church

Being Mother’s Day last Sunday we went to visit the GG’s parents. On the way is a lovely little church that I asked to stop in and photograph. I have been there before but this time I took both cameras and all of my lenses.
001-copy1All Saints Church at Tamrookum is used only once a month for services now but is popular for weddings, christenings and music events.
The stained glass windows (covered by protective mesh on the outside) were made in England and were restored to their former glory in 2008 after receiving a government grant.
Built of timber, this pretty church was designed by renowned architect, Robin Dodds.
026-copyThe church has two small graveyards. One immediately behind and the other slightly downhill from the church. Reading the stones is like a who’s who of the local area with many well known family names inscribed. Buried in the small cemetery along with the local farmers and their families, are a parish priest who served there for 20 years and a man bought home to his family after being murdered some distance away.

I spent a lovely 20 minutes or so walking around the grounds snapping photos. The dew still lay heavy on the ground in some parts. However, I did manage to fall out the back of the church and sprain my ankle. By this stage, the GG had returned to the car parked out the front and I was on my own. There is peril in lining up a photo and taking a step forward to focus better without realising that the path falls away into a step. Preservation mode kicked in and my camera was placed on the soft grass whilst the bag over my shoulder (with my lenses) was swung around and clutched to my chest. All came through the ordeal without a scratch.
Well apart from me. I had skin off my knees and a sprained ankle that still aches over a week later. 😀


22 thoughts on “Through my Lens – Tamrookum Church

    1. …sharing these pictures with us. So sorry to hear about your ankle though. Hope it’s feeling better. I suppose a good photo takes some sacrifices every now and then. 🙂


  1. Cute church! I love the white trim on it and the pitched roof. Bummer about your ankle. 😦 Hope you feel better soon Ms. Hop-a-Long! I banged my face once with my camera when were in an ATV 4WD in Alaska. Why I thought it would be a good idea to put the camera up to my face to take a picture while we were going over huge dips is beyond me. 🙂


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