A little randomness

Welcome to Tuesday.
Outside the temperature is a cool 13°C with a predicted top of 23°C today.
The sun is shining and the sky is blue although cloud cover is expected to arrive later in the day.
I have chosen some random photos to share today. Taken recently but still random.046-copyThe Garden Gnome has been upcycling again. His mum had mentioned that she would like a garden bench to put in the sunlight in her extensive gardens so she could sit and watch the traffic out on the highway and enjoy the warmth during the coming winter. Donning his superhero cape, the GG worked away in the shed out the back transforming our old dining chairs and a waterbed that once belonged to the SIL’s partner into a bench for his mother. She is especially grateful that he thought of giving her a little extra support for her back. 🙂
I think what he’s done is awesome. And when this one falls apart, we have four more dining chairs in the shed! 🙂
055-copyMy mother in law’s garden is always full of flowers for me to photograph although being Autumn, there are not a lot to choose from. This pretty pelargonium provided me with ample photo opportunities. I love this photo because it shows the ants going about their business on the petals. It really makes you pause when you realise just how much life and beauty is around us each day.
041-copyThis is the photo I sprained my ankle for. Nothing outstanding but I captured what I wanted (prior to falling) and I like it.

Well, off to another day at the salt mines (one and a half weeks to go now). I have so much work that I need to catch up on before leaving so it keeps me busy.

Have a blessed day all 🙂


22 thoughts on “A little randomness

  1. Love the photos Suz. I think spring has finally sprung in Kentucky. Hopefully last week was the end of our winters until next winter. It warmed up to 71F here today, a lovely day to be out and about after a week of rain and gloom.


  2. Nice bench. That’s very creative. Also, the flowers are very pretty and the ants…well, we can learn so much from them.

    I’m still sorry you hurt your ankle, but I must admit that the picture is very good.


    1. I like that – placing myself in peril for a photo. Really my experience is nothing to the photo my SIL shared on FB the other day of a charging hippo on the Zambezi river that she snapped before fleeing the canoe.


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