Through my Lens – Midweek Edition

Thank you all for answering my poll the other day.
The most popular answer was to keep doing what I am doing. If I knew what that was, I would keep doing it however I will continue to muddle through as best as I can until I work out exactly what it is that I am doing! πŸ˜‰
The next most popular was more photography. So I have decided to do a midweek “Through my Lens” also.
Today, I take you to a little place on the coast of New South Wales called South West Rocks.

South West Rocks is the home of Trial Bay Gaol.
This gaol not only housed prisoners over the years but also served as an internment camp for German people during the Second World War.
Today it is open as a tourist attraction and often is home to art shows and other community events. At the time of our visit, it was filled with sculptures by local artists. I have photos of some of these sculptures amongst my photos but none to share with you today.
As we had the Son travelling with us, we met up with some of his friends who were living in the area and they provided us with much hilarity as they hid in places within the jail and made noises to scare us at times.
The view from the guard tower was wonderful and I was quite excited to see a Humpback whale on it’s migration back to cooler waters. I used the zoom lens on my camera to watch it frolic. I could have stayed for hours but the family were keen to keep moving and reach the outskirts of Sydney by that afternoon.

IMG_4927-copyYes, I know the horizon is not straight in this photo. I have difficulty in taking straight photos and I generally straighten them before you see them. I ran out of time this morning to do that. ( Note: Each year the whales migrate up the Eastern Coast of Australia beginning in May. They stay around Hervey Bay area and calve before heading back to cooler waters around September – October).

The gaol was filled with swallows on the day that we visited. Although swallows can be considered a messy nuisance by many, I love them. They flitted to and fro filling the air with their acrobatics and noisy chatter.
IMG_4922-copyI will put the rest of the photos of the gaol into a collage for you. I have omitted photos containing photos of the Tween as once again, it appears that I have a spike in hits on my blog and one photo in particular (that I missed in my original cull of photos) so that is now gone too.

Have a blessed day!

29 thoughts on “Through my Lens – Midweek Edition

  1. Great pics Sue! How fun it would be to see a whale. I’m sure that’s a somewhat normal occurrence for you, but I’ve yet to see one outside of a zoo. Your crooked pictures make me feel better, as I can’t take straight photos either. In regard to pictures of the Tween, all I can think is “Sickos!” Hopefully, my assumption is wrong and people are looking at these pictures solely for innocent purposes.


    1. Not normal for me really as I live in the country. I think that was only the second time I had seen a whale. I would love to go on one of those whale watch encounters one day.
      I would hope that your assumption is correct. πŸ™‚


  2. Beautiful photos. I love looking at others photos as it is a glimpse into a different world. I have been busy and am behind on reading so I missed your poll. I might get to it yet!


  3. Hi Sue, I am new to your blog. I really enjoy your writing and your pics. I love your pics of whales. I saw 60 of them once off the coast of the Western Cape, South Africa, where they had come to breed. It was one of the most memorable moments in my life, especially because we coul hear them calling from where we were on the beach.


  4. Thank you for pointing out that humpback! We have them here too. It’s amazing how far they swim. πŸ™‚ lol I thought gaol in your language was “jail” in ours. Does it have two meanings? You know how we are here, we don’t speak multiple languages haha.


      1. I’m not sure, lol….But I remember thinking it a different usage. I only found out about gaol because of Leanne. She used that word and I was like, “what does that mean”? lol.


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