I need a smile

I believe it was only a couple of days ago that I spoke about situations and events not having any meaning until you assign some meaning to it.
Just this morning, something occurred that put my mind into overdrive and then sent it spiralling down the track to the bad places that thoughts sometimes go. I assigned meaning to something without having all the facts.
In hindsight (and with a couple of hours to think about it) I have realised my mind took me on a journey that it had no place going and apologies needed to be made.
It hurts.
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A little randomness

Welcome to Tuesday.
Outside the temperature is a cool 13°C with a predicted top of 23°C today.
The sun is shining and the sky is blue although cloud cover is expected to arrive later in the day.
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Exploring life’s worries and stresses

Yesterday I visited my sister-in-law’s block of land with the grandchildren. Situated near Mt Barney, the block is a haven of peacefulness. We took the grandchildren out there to cook some sausages over a fire and let them run around and burn off excess energy. Whilst everyone trooped off down the hill later to feed the goats, I stayed behind in the shed flicking through some of my SIL’s books. The peace enveloped me. The only sounds I could hear were the birds, the wind in the leaves of the trees and the faint sound of the children laughing and running.
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I have ten minutes……

before I have to get up from my computer and get dressed to go to work.
So, what will I say to you all today?
I have no idea to be honest.
Lately, the wellspring of ideas appears to be drying up.
I have noticed that my most popular posts are the ones where I bare my soul to the world but my everyday life isn’t all about despair and doom and gloom.
Believe it or not, even depressives have happy days!
So, what do I write about today?”
I don’t know at all.
It is Friday.
After today, I have two more weeks left at work.
Two weeks of mixed emotions because even though I am leaving, I do spend my days with a lot of people I like.
I also love the clients and will miss them so very much.
Part of me is dreading my last day at work almost as much as I am looking forward to beginning a new chapter.
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Looking for happiness

For many of us, the quest for happiness is something that we devote a lot of time to.
How many times have we heard words such as “If I had enough money to buy that car I’d be happy” or “I’ll only be happy when we have the house paid off”.
Whilst these words reflect the need for financial security or the need for transport, they shouldn’t be a measure of happiness.
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When you remain positive, the world becomes a better place to be.
Positive thoughts can only come forth in the positive way in which you speak. When your mind is filled with negativity, it will cause your words to follow suit.
Keep your words positive because negative words cause negative feelings – toward yourself and others. When you are living in a negative place it distorts your view of the world. It’s a bit of a cycle between the thoughts and the words really.

Gandhi nailed it with the progression from thoughts to words to actions.
The bible tells you that as a man thinks, so is he.
Many self help books will teach you the same thing. Your thoughts will determine your life.
The person we become and the values we hold all come down to what we allow our grey matter to think.
Big call isn’t it?
So what will you think today?