Re-igniting the enthusiasm

This morning I took the time to listen to a recorded coaching session of myself that took place about 6 weeks ago. I used it as a yardstick for what I had accomplished as compared to what I had said that I would accomplish.
It was a fair measurement and I did okay but I failed in some areas.
What it did achieve was re-igniting my enthusiasm for writing my book.
Let’s face it, life has a way of moving in and forcing your dreams into the back seat at times.
It certainly has with me anyway.So where am I now at with my book?
I have some people who wish to be involved in my book and to tell their stories. Some have already sent me the outlines of these and they are now waiting for me to begin writing them. My timeline is to have their stories back to them for proofing by the end of July.
Some of you have had a lot going on in your lives and are taking time.
I understand that.
Now that I am working, I can devote more time to writing. I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Whilst I wait, I certainly won’t be sitting on my hands that’s for sure. I have things to do.
I don’t think it’s sunk in yet that I don’t have to go to work tomorrow but I have noticed that my anxiety levels have dropped. Generally by Sunday morning I am beginning to show outward signs of anxiety as it builds toward Monday mornings.
It was a little surreal locking up at work on Friday afternoon. I forced myself to look around and take in the familiar surroundings knowing that I wouldn’t be back in there first thing Monday morning. (I will be back there on Tuesday as I have to sign keys and stuff back in and go out to lunch with my ex-boss but that will be different).

However this morning is all about the enthusiasm that I feel for my book. This afternoon after I get home (I have a baby shower to attend), I am going to outline a plan for this book and put together the bones of my proposal.
Organisation is the key.
And lists…. I always need lists!!

Onward and upward from here.


30 thoughts on “Re-igniting the enthusiasm

  1. Is this a quitting situation or did you lose your job for other reasons?
    I’m glad for you that you will be having more time for writing. I have always wanted to have more time to write, and life just seemed to get busier for me. I am no longer working. Retired but more tired, and with family having moved in, I am babysitter to a sweet young six-year-old grandson and a busy granddaughter. By the time my day is done, I am so exhausted. I enjoy them so much though.
    I am excited for you. Anxiety was my problem going to a stressful job as well. So now, you can enjoy, I hope. Hugs and blessings, Sue!


    1. I gave up my job because it was time to do so.
      I feel for you. My grandchildren wear me out too when they are here. They are constantly on the go aren’t they?
      Thanks for your lovely words. πŸ™‚


      1. Time to do what you really would like to. My time, I hope, will begin in the early winter. Otherwise, just wordpress for the time being. Honest, I wish you the best luck with whatever you set your hands to.


  2. All the best with your writing Sue, I think anxiety and stress will be a thing of the past with your work, but rest assurred the world of a writer, as you no doubt know, brings along its own anxiety and stress albeit bearable.


  3. There is something wonderfully freeing about making your own lists for the things YOU want to accomplish than the list-making that happens with all the things for a job. Kudos to you for taking this step! And good luck with the lists and the organization! πŸ™‚


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