Through My Lens – The Three Sisters

Continuing on from South West Rocks, we finally reached the Blue Mountains west of Sydney and found accommodation in Katoomba. After unloading the car, we drove to the Scenic Railway and Skyway. It has changed a lot since I was a child and even since the last time I was there about ten years previously. The cable car had been replaced with a new state of the art (and less scary to be in for those afraid of heights like me) cars with a plexi glass viewing platform in the bottom.
Even the Railway which goes down the cliff face to the walking tracks to the bottom had upgraded.

I have a funny feeling that I have shared some of these photos before but that could well have been hundreds of posts ago, so if you remember seeing these already I apologise.
IMG_4978-copyWalking through the bush at the bottom was beautiful. All of the paths were well maintained with boardwalks in many sections to prevent further degradation from the millions of tourists who visit each year. During our walk we spied a Lyre Bird. I have never seen on in the wild and just as myself (and another lady next to me) raised our cameras to take a photo, a bus load of chattering tourists came along and frightened it off. There is no escaping the bus loads of tourists in Katoomba unfortunately.
I love the photo above of all the tree roots in a tangled maze.
IMG_4972-copyThis is what everyone comes to see. The Three Sisters named for the Aboriginal legend that tells the story of a father who turned his daughters to stone to prevent them being kidnapped by the men from another clan.
This shot was taken from the valley floor and looking up. In my next post, I will share photos taken from the viewing deck closer to the the Sisters themselves.
Once up the top, I harnessed my fear and took a trip across the valley on the Skyway.
IMG_4996-copyLots of photo opportunities along the way. What I loved most about walking through the bushland around the area was abundance of wildflowers in bloom at the time.
This is the Golden Wattle (national flower of Australia).
IMG_4956-copyI’ll put the rest of the photos into a gallery for you now.
Have a wonderful day every one and may you find beauty in the small things in life.


29 thoughts on “Through My Lens – The Three Sisters

  1. Wow Sue, what a nice and beautiful trip you had there. Australia is very beautiful and you are perfect to give inspiration for visiting Australia. Maybe you should look for your next job in that branche πŸ™‚
    Thanks for sharing.


    1. It was cool when we were there but not winter. We did the Great Ocean Road and watched the penguins come in on Philip Island in the middle of winter though. double brrrr


        1. You won’t regret it Laurie. It can probably be done in a day or so if you just get down to driving it but taking 5 days to do it like we did was amazing. It allowed time to go off the beaten track to quite a few places.


  2. Gorgeous. That three sisters one grabbed me straight off Suz. looks SO much like the ‘three sisters in South Africa (well maybe not SO much but near enough to bring back memories yeah πŸ˜‰ )


  3. When I read the title of your post it was ironic because I am one of three sisters and the three of us will be together this weekend for the first time in many years. I had to laugh when I read the story of how the father turned them into stone – I’m sure our dad would have done that if he could to prevent us from all the mischief all of us caused! Your post was wonderful and I applaud you for your bravery taking those pictures from such heights!


    1. That’s too funny. πŸ™‚
      Thank you for your appreciation of my suffering in the name of art. I stayed to the very inside of the gondola and prayed that the cable would continue to support us. πŸ™‚


  4. They are great photos Sue, the one of the tree roots is fascinating.
    I love the legend of the three sisters, Katoomba will always attract thousands of tourists,
    I wonder how many actually see the scenery as opposed to looking at it.


    1. I was disappointed at the bus loads of tourists Ian. So many and all chattering away and laughing and missing the beauty. Having them scare away the lyre bird was my first brush with that sort of thing. Something similar happened when I was on the Kuranda rail. There was no more space on the non-English speaking carriages (not for segregation but for the commentary that takes place on the trip) and so a tour group was put on the carriage with us. We had no issue with that except that they spent the whole trip chatting and loudly laughing and we heard nothing of the commentary.


  5. There are three sisters in Oregon–they are volcanoes, but erupted long, long ago. We camped near there when the kids were little. Very beautiful photos, Sue!


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