It’s Friday in the Land of Oz

As I sit to write this, I am listening to the water feature bubbling away outside my window and the radio playing in the kitchen. The sky is a wondrous hue of blue and the sun is radiant.
Although the weather is cooler this morning (I’m wearing track pants and a long sleeved top) the sun is shining through the window and warming my legs. The washing machine has finished and is waiting for my attention. The cat is wandering somewhere around the house and has more than likely found a warm place to sleep by now.
The Tween is at school and the GG has gone out hiking this morning.
He did suggest that I might like to come but mentioned the fact that between my fitness levels andΒ  knees I might not be able to keep up with him. I think the alone time combined with exercise might be good for him.
The house is now mine.I had written a list of things to do today. I thought it might give my day a little more structure but the GG pointed out that I might just be setting myself up for failure if I don’t achieve what’s on my list.
So far, writing this blog post is the only thing on my list I have achieved. 😳 Although backing up my photos and important files to my external hard drive and then backing them up to another hard drive has almost completed.
That will give me two things to tick off the list then.
What can I say? I’m easily distracted.

Oooh, Amy from Thoroughly Nourished Life has just posted a recipe for Honey, Apricot and Coconut Cookies (gluten free). They look awesome. I might just have to try them but I don’t have the flours. I wonder if I could substitute? Maybe I might just comb my hair and drive down town to pick up the flours so I can make the biscuits and have them for when the Tween gets home from school and the GG gets home from his hike. I could drop off the bag of clothes I sorted out the other day to the Red Cross op shop and maybe call into St Vinnies and see what treasures they may have hiding there whilst I do that. Then again, I could do some more work on my 2009 digital album. I’ve finally scrapped the photos of my middle grandchild’s birth! πŸ˜€
I’m beginning to like some of those ideas.

If I do go out, I could make a start on those articlesΒ  I have been promising to write for the past week for my Weekend Notes page when I get home.
Or I could just substitute plain flour and still do all the things on my list.
Or…. I could put a CD on and turn it up before making a start on sorting my craft room and working out what to keep and what to sell or give away. Then, I could do the ironing. Or I could start drawing the pattern for the frill for the Tween’s quilt onto the fabric I’ve already cut out. The possibilities are endless really.

I’ve been playing in Photoshop this morning with the photo of the flower that I took the other weekend. I have been inspired by the work of Kees Terberg and although my work doesn’t compare to his, I can but try. I have tried the beige/blue technique of his before and was happy with the outcome. I was very lucky that Kees gave me some pointers in this. (Thank you Kees) Each time his photography shows up in my FB feed, I am blown away by his creativity both with the camera and with photoshop.

white-flower-webI certainly enjoy painting with pictures and being creative so it’s nice to take some time out to play.

Well the clothes aren’t about to hang themselves on the line so I had best get off the computer and put them out whilst the sun is shining. When I finish that I might check in on the two quails who have multiplied five-fold. We now have two grown youngsters of theirs and 9 tiny off-spring running around the bottom of the aviary. The budgies are sitting on eggs as well. Maybe this time, their eggs will be good.
The morning is getting on and begging for me to be productive.

Have a beautiful day.

p.s: The cat has now settled herself behind the curtain beside me. I wonder if she’ll move when I do or stay sleeping in the sunlight for a little longer?




26 thoughts on “It’s Friday in the Land of Oz

  1. You can certainly substitute the flours! Just use 180 grams plain flour in place of the rice flours and sorghum! Sounds like you have a lovely day planned. I’m jealous of your cat! I want to be stretched out in the sunshine today too πŸ™‚ Have a great long weekend!


    1. Mmmm I substituted the flours and baking powders for gluten free SR Flour (from Aldi) and they are yummo. Even the Tween loves them. I found it difficult not to eat the dough lol.


  2. I like that you are so good to see all your posibilities Sue and you don’t need to stress at all, just do what you feel are right for you today πŸ˜€ sounds like a healthy lifestyle to me.


    1. Ha ha. You’d get on so well with the GG Laurie. He thinks like that as well. Me? I tend to believe that I need to do something with my days. (although I still enjoy the nanna naps). πŸ˜€


    1. I need to get into a routine Glynis but until I do, my days are a little unstructured. It was enjoyable that’s for sure. I hope that your days become more enjoyable soon.


        1. We didn’t go watch the movie. We spent the time doing our grocery shopping and picking up a few things we needed before sitting out in the car in the car park. lol


  3. A very interesting choice of options on your to do list Sue.
    You cant complain about being bored, just wondering how many things you accomplished on your to do list,since this blog and my lateness in commenting, anyway, theres always tomorrow.


    1. Well I did make the biscuits and I wrote one of my articles. Actually I wrote all three but due to a glitch in the system (or my silliness in saving), only one made it through to the editors so I still have another two to write (again).


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