There’s an app for that

I’ve heard it said.
And I know you’ve heard it said too.
In this world of ever-increasing change and wonderful technology the minute someone says “I wish I could xxxx” the reply comes “There’s an app for that”.
Don’t get me wrong, there are many wonderful apps out there for a variety of different things.
I can count my calories as I eat, track the steps that I walk, fix my photos, create memes or import ingredients from a recipe into a shopping list. I can even buy an app that makes the horrid sound of gas exploding from someone’s rear end. (That must be a lot of fun in a crowded elevator).
But what I really want is one that I can use every day.
I want an app that helps me do the right thing.An app that will make the right decisions for me. For example I could say to my app “I want to eat those last two biscuits (cookies) for breakfast”. To which the app (with a much nicer voice than SIRI) would say “No. I think you need to make a vegetable omelette”. See? One that speaks common sense.
I could ask it “Do you think these ugg boots go well with my mid calf length black dress”? and it would reply “Are you out of your mind sista”?

Think of the potential for this kind of app.
It would eliminate the need for thinking for myself and making all the wrong decisions.
I would no longer have to stress about choosing between which course would be the best. Or whether I should drink white or red wine tonight. It would do my thinking for me.
It could even assist in the deeper issues of life so that when I receive a phone call from a loved one with wonderful news I could ask it “How should I respond to this”? and it would reply “Be happy. By joyful. Don’t put the experiences of your past onto this present experience”.

But sadly there is no app for any of that. And if there was, it would need a manual override because sometimes we need to make decisions that may not be the best ones in the short term. However, I wish it were possible to stop the events of the past from clouding our thoughts and views of the future.
It would make life much easier I believe.

In this world where the assistance of technology is such a big thing, sometimes it just can’t do the little things. Like replace feelings with facts.  Or provide common sense.
But I can’t help wishing that there was an app for that too.

Have a beautiful day. 🙂

Footnote: I am not sad – just contemplative today. Life is full of wonderful blessings along with all the bad things that happen. You can’t blame me for wishing sometimes that technology could fix all that ‘feelings’ stuff 😉


23 thoughts on “There’s an app for that

  1. Love it, my daughter could do with an app like that, then again, she uses us for it, never makes a decision on her own, has to involve us all the time, then gets upset when she doesn’t like the answers, haha. Great post Suz, made me laugh, I’m sure I could hear you laughing as you were writing it. 😀


  2. I guess I must be the opposite of you, Suzanne. Although I sit in front of this contraption every day, I’d probably be just as happy with a typewriter as long as it was electric. I wouldn’t just write comment and email message to you. I’m be composing letters to send to you in hopes of getting a reply. And if I didn’t have the typewriter, I’d write in longhand to you, although my penmanship is atrocious. The PC just makes things faster for me. :0


    1. You and Laura are similar. She wants one that slaps her hand. I think that if you both got your wish for an app that offers physical violence it would scare the heck out of you the first time it happened. 🙂 Then you would go to great lengths to hide your electronic device somewhere where it couldn’t get you later.


  3. One of the beautiful things I have found out about technology.
    It made me realise that I still have one power left.
    The power to turn off technology, and let my life continueand grow au naturale.


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