Through my Lens – More Three Sisters

After a good night’s sleep, we decided to go back to the Three Sisters the next morning. This time we were on the other side of the valley from where we were yesterday.
We decided that we we would walk down to them (because you can). The beginning of the track down was gradual and easy however it became more difficult as we went on and steps became steep. I’m sure I’ve told you before that I have ‘dicky’ knees so traversing this was quite a (slow) challenge for me.
As yet, the bus loads of tourists hadn’t arrived and the walk was relatively peaceful for a short while. We took our time and took lots of photos.
IMG_5041-copyThis is a scribbly bark. One of the many beautiful things we saw on our walk. The Grand Staircase (if you followed it all the way) led to the valley floor. The primary goal of the Son, the GG and the Tween (although she was much younger then) was to walk out to the first ‘Sister’. Yes, you can walk out there. I had grand plans of going with my family but my fear of heights won out. I took this photo of my family who had made it from the place where I had taken refuge on the way down (safely tucked between rock face and stair rails).
IMG_5029-copyThis is the photo that the GG took looking back toward me.
DSCF6506-copyI freely admit that I am a chicken. I didn’t have my refuge to myself for long however, because the tour buses had arrived and hordes of chattering tourists were descending the stairs toward us. I soon made room for a young Asian lady who obviously shared my fear of descending any further.
Once we reached the top again, we explored the gift shop and took the obligatory photos of us with the Three Sisters as our backdrop. We walked around to the restaurant and gift shops further over but these were geared toward the overseas tourists and were gaudy, overpriced and filled to the brim with the chattering masses.
Opting for an authentic experience of Katoomba, we went into town and explored. I found a lovely book and antique store that quite took my fancy and we enjoyed exploring the other stores and op shops in the main street.
IMG_5061-copyAs the Son was leaving us today to fly back home, we had lunch at the pub nearest to the railway station. The Gearin Hotel owned by actor Jack Thompson was a beautiful old lady that provided quite nice food.
After kunch, we walked to the railway station and bid the Son a teary farewell as he travelled toward the airport in Sydney. We went back to our hotel room to do washing and rest before planning the next day of our journey.


28 thoughts on “Through my Lens – More Three Sisters

  1. The Blue Mountains is a gorgeous part of the world. You’ve whetted my appetite to get back there!! Great photos.


  2. THank you for sharing your Blue Mountains photos. I have so many fantastic memories of there from growing up. We often took weekend drives there ( about 2 hours away from Sydney it was then). Being one of three sisters we always had the classic poses in front of the ‘other’ three sisters. 🙂


  3. There is nothing better for the soul to heal than to explore the outdoors. My husband and I explored one of the American Civil War battlefields, and there was a tower (kind of looked like part of a castle). Anyway, we could climb the round and round steps to the top and see over the fields. Absolutely beautiful, but I had to stop twice on the way up due to an asthma issue. When we reached the top, I thought I was going to die right there. When I finally caught my breath, we rounded our way back down. I’m so thankful for rescue inhalers. Wonderful shots you have there!


    1. That sounds delightful April. I don’t think I spend enough time outdoors sometimes. Yesterday I was at an antiques and collectibles auction held outdoors on a showground in the middle of farming country. Whilst it was lovely to be outside the wind cut right through us and we came home with chapped lips and windburn.
      There is always a downside I guess 😉


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