Monochrome Madness

I have been following the blog of talented photographer (and fellow Aussie) Leanne Cole for some time now however it took me a couple of months before I got around to sending her a photo for her weekly Monochrome Madness showcase. Finally (after a reminder from Leanne) I remembered to send off a photo that I had found as I was clearing out and backing up all my photos.

suzjonesTaken at the wedding of the First Born, this photo shows her with my mother.
Weddings are happy occasions and this day certainly was but it was a day tempered with sadness as less than two weeks previously we had lost my baby brother. Peter was  to share the duty of walking the First Born down the aisle (or along the sand at the beach in this case) with the Garden Gnome. As he couldn’t be there, my mother gave the necklace you see my daughter wearing to the GG to put around her neck.
necklaceThis still from the video taken on the day shows him putting it on her. The silver chain was taken off my brother by hospital staff and given to my mother when he entered the ICU. In this way he walked with her throughout the day.
She also had a sixpence he had given her glued onto her thongs (flip flops). The First Born had read somewhere that a sixpence tucked into a shoe on a wedding day is meant to bring good luck so she had asked my brother (who was a coin collector) to find one for her. (Since her wedding day, we had the sixpence made into a necklace for her).
The photo of my daughter and my mother speaks volumes to me. In a day filled with smiles and laughter, it showed that the absence of my brother was also acknowledged.
I snapped it quickly without having time to change settings (that happens when you are trying to catch a moment) and it was then converted to B&W. The photo also had a lot of sharpening, dodging and burning done to it to get it to a point that I was happy with.

I hope you stop over at Leanne’s Monochrome Madness post and check out the other show stopping photos shared by others. Maybe you might like to stay awhile and check out Leanne’s awesome work as well. 🙂


37 thoughts on “Monochrome Madness

  1. Wow wow wow. A real case of a picture speaking a thousand words. So very poignant. How hard for all of you to “celebrate” and yet you had to.
    My sister got married two weeks before my father died. He was too sick to attend the wedding. Some of my friends who were nursing kept him company at the hospital. It was a day of agony. Thankfully we got him home in time.
    I will definitely check out that blog.


  2. I have been waiting all week to hear the story behind this image, and I wasn’t disappointed, it is a very sad story and there are still tears in my eyes, however, it is also a beautiful story, thank you for sharing it with us.


    1. Yes it is sad Leanne. I am sorry I made you tear up. I’m just so happy that I caught the moment. My daughter was a beautiful bride but as radiant as she was, there was that sadness underneath. The loss of my baby brother impacted our family in such a tremendous way.


  3. my fellow photographers in the club I’m in are always talking about photos telling a story. Your photo told me a huge story, even before I read your story behind the photo. Just beautiful, Sue.


  4. the photo shows such emotion that even without the story, it was obvious something huge had occurred. incredible photo Suz … so sorry about Peter


  5. This is such a beautiful image and a real favourite for me from last week.
    I’m so glad you’re joining us in MMC… it’s such a great challenge.
    Knowing the story behind the image explains so much… such a beautiful tender, yet poignant moment. Thank you for sharing!


  6. Enjoyed Leannes site, very artistic with her photographs, was going to submit a picture but silly as it sounds, I still havent got the knack of picture sizing.
    Your wedding pictures are beautiful, well done.


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