Totally Random

I’m having one of those days where the inspiration has just gone….zap! Just like that. Along with the inspiration has gone my motivation to do anything.
At one time I would dream about doing absolutely nothing all day and lately it seems like I am having a run of ‘nothing accomplished’ days. Although I wouldn’t say that I achieved absolutely nothing yesterday. I did manage to spend some quality time with the GG and read some more of my book. lol
I also spent time catching up with one of my ex-colleagues when she called around and we shared some laughs. So I guess it wasn’t a totally ‘wasted’ day at all.
Today is Saturday.
Saturdays are generally days full of promise being the first day of the weekend and all that. It’s kind of drab outside today. It looks like some much needed rain has been falling in some areas. We still haven’t seen it but stranger things have happened.

Sooo…. random stuff

  • I just looked up my spam comments and gained some serious laughs. Have many of you taken the time to read some of the spam that Akismet catches? I did find one that I believe was actually a legit comment but the rest are worded in such a way that you think they are real but it is difficult to tell that they aren’t. It makes me wonder just why people write spam. I mean, does anyone really follow these links?
  • I’ve been looking up the search terms that have brought people to my blog for the past month or so as well. That is always interesting – and some are downright funny. Some also prove to me that people are struggling with many of the same issues as I am.
  • I found a really good website that generates random subjects and first lines for writers to use. It is called Writing Exercises. It also provides plots, dialogues and a host of other things to get writers thinking (and writing).
  • The GG has offered to help me turn my chaotic craft room into something that resembles order. He has offered the use of an extra cupboard that he has in the shed thinking it might be somewhere I could store my fabrics. I’m not sure where I would put it in this cramped little room but something definitely needs to be done before my stash takes on a life of its own and overruns the house…. I actually thought of taking a photo of the room and sending it to Better Homes and Gardens to see if Tara might be interested in doing a room makeover but it might be even too much of a challenge even for them. 😉
  • Have you ever noticed how home reno shows get you thinking about what you could do to your own place? I caught the GG looking up Chesterfield couches online the other night after a recent episode of House Rules and then yesterday he was on You Tube and looking up stuff as well. Should I be worried?
  • For those of you who sew, Craftsy has an awesome free pattern for a patchwork ironing board cover. Sometimes you actually find good stuff on FB.
  • I have found some great short online writing courses run here in Australia. I’m thinking of doing the Magazine and Newspaper writing course but have to run it by the GG first (seeing as we jointly manage the finances and I am still studying my other course that cost a bomb). They also have a Travel Writer course that looks pretty cool.
  • We have a new addition in our family – a little grand-niece born yesterday. She is just adorable although I haven’t been to visit and cuddle her just yet. I’ve just been admiring all the gorgeous photos on FB.
  • I am enjoying doing some baking since I haven’t been working. I’ve made two batches of Amy’s Honey, Apricot and Coconut biscuits. I modified the recipe slightly and didn’t use the flours or baking soda/powder. I substituted these with 180g of gluten free Self Raising Flour (from Aldi). My family love these biscuits. My waistline isn’t really giving me any thanks though. I see that Amy is looking at writing a cook book. She certainly has some wonderful recipes on her blog so I think a cook book would be fantastic for her. I follow some wonderful food blogs and Amy’s is a great one if anyone wants to check her out.

I guess I’ve run out of randomness for today.
I’m off to sewing group soon. I am working on the edging for the Tween’s quilt. The other day I pinned lace pieces and butterflies over the most obvious mistakes on the quilt to be hand sewn on later. Tomorrow I am out door knocking to collect for the Leukaemia Foundation. Not sure what other exciting things this weekend will bring.

I hope you all find beauty in your day, take the time to breathe and tell those around you just how much you love them.


33 thoughts on “Totally Random

  1. Somebody is clicking those spam links, and in doing so perpetuate a nasty problem on the internet. Congrats on the new family member!! May you zap that which zapped you so you can write right. Right? Right!!


  2. Glad to see you have some time to bake and sew. We are at a time when the garden and plants should be all in, but this year, it is not the case. I am babysitting my grandchildren and helping my daughter out in the city. She just underwent a double mastectomy and is having Chemo every 3 weeks. I will be there for the following week, although I take my laptop and read and write when I am there. Enjoy your blog. You seem like a neat person.(Neat as in nice)


    1. I’m sorry to hear about your daughter. That must be something very difficult for you to be dealing with right now. I hope she overcomes this hurdle and goes on to live a wonderful and fulfilling life. Hugs to you.


  3. I’m impressed. I keep trying to find time to write even a short blog, and look what you produced! Pretty good for lacking motivation, I’d say. The courses sound like fun.

    Maybe I’ll have more time after I get “Figs & Pomegranates & Special Cheeses: A Biblical Love Story” on the road. The cover is coming along well, and the layout is done. Amazing all the details involved, especially while I’m trying to get all kinds of other stuff done too.

    So, I repeat. I admire what you’ve done when you aren’t inspired.


    1. Oh Mona, that’s just because I write whatever comes into my head and since that is always ‘on the go’ I am never lost for things to say. 🙂
      Your book sounds like it is motoring along beautifully. I wish you much luck with it all.


    1. Nope. I’m quilted out right now. Once the Tween’s quilt is done I think I’m just going to focus on doing little things like making soft toys and bags for a while. 🙂
      Do you earn your degree in doing nothing before your masters?


      1. Quilting can totally consume your life if you let it. Soft toys sounds good though. I learned in the army how to relax, it goes like this: If you can sit don’t stand, if you can lie down don’t sit and if you can sleep do it. There’s an art to it Suz, it’s like seizing the moment. I figure that at 63 nobody’s going to come along and tell me what to do. I’m retired and if I feel like a nap I’ll take it. If I want to play on the computer all day, I’ll do it. The list goes on. When I set myself a task I’ll work as well as I can. It all evens out in the end.


  4. Well Friday up here and Friday down your way Sue.
    Another weekend coming up and my motivation is depleted, think its been depleted for about six months now, the FIFA cup has kept us up a bit lately, Ana is Chilean and I have to watch the matches to the finish, enjoyed reading your post.
    You mentioned Askimet, how do you get to read whats in there apart from what comes up as spam ?, I mean can you actually go back through all your Askimets and see what was posted.
    Emu aka Ian


    1. Yes, it is Friday and you have reached my post from last Friday. You are travelling well 🙂
      I just go into my the comments page and see what Akismet has captured before checking and deleting. Once they are deleted they’re gone though.
      I haven’t watched much of the World Cup as it really isn’t my thing. We did watch the State of Origin the other night but that is Rugby League. 🙂


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