Choosing a path

Sometimes it is not one thing but a combination that opens your eyes to what is possible (or to teach you something).
As part of my studies, I belong to a Facebook group that is for students, mentors, and past students to share with each other. Last night I read a post by a man who is facing a personal crisis in his life and is not sure where to go or what to do. He reached out through the group.
Being behind on my studies, I felt I was not qualified to give advice and so I left the post alone however this morning I woke up thinking about it and then whilst searching Mr Google for inspiration for today’s post, I stumbled across a meme (in the endless sea of memes on the internet) that spoke to me. It spoke to me because it offered insight not only for the answer to this man’s question but to my own journey in life.So, I composed a reply to the thread and spoke my heart. It wasn’t as professional as some of the other commenters but I hoped it helped him.
And then I made my own version of the meme using my own photo.
Path---webIt’s important that in this journey we call life (where we struggle with First World problems) that we remain happy and true to ourselves.
We can’t live our lives to please others because no happiness is found in that. We need to find what we want to do (and be) in life because it is in doing this that we find joy.

May you find joy in your life today.


25 thoughts on “Choosing a path

  1. You are so right. I’ve chosen paths for most of my life that brought me joy. And when I’ve not, it was the wrong path indeed. Seek joy. Always. Why else continue on in this world?


  2. Suz, you are right on target! I ask my patients on a regular basis where they find their joy, and remind them that without care for self, we can’t fulfill the multiples roles we have to fill!


  3. See now… that just works so wonderfully!! (You have REALLY got my photo juices flowing – you know that right?! – Uggh) Which path – which path?? LOL!
    I even made a ‘signature last night to put on my pics. For what? I am REALLY not sure right now dear! 😛 Too many ‘projects’ makes one dizzy…however CHOOSING ONE(path/dream/passion/lifestyle)…and sticking on it…
    Now that is another story all together right! 😉


  4. I found out some time ago that if you don´t piss people off in your life´s journey then you are seriously doing something wrong. Which is not being you, with your faults and virtues and not working enough to accomplish what you want in life, whatever that might be. If you go tip toeing through life so you don´t make people mad, it´s a given you won´t achieve what you want and probably be quite a miserable person. Great post.


    1. Hi Charly. Nice to see you again.
      I agree that sometimes the path we choose is not the one that others would agree with however we must do what we need to do to be happy.


  5. Great post and very poignant, the only thing I differ in, is the fact that sometimes in life, we need to take many different paths at different times, all leading to the one signpost up ahead,peace and harmony.


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