Inspiration from a photo

Leanne Cole posted a photo yesterday and asked those who may be inspired to pen their thoughts using her photo as their inspiration. Her post entitled A Photo That Inspires Words has certainly inspired many judging by the comments on her post so far. I am slowly working my way through the many inspirational words penned by others and I am loving what I am reading.
I printed out the photo to use as my muse however didn’t have it in the shower with me when the first ideas began to take hold. Therefore my sheltering tree has morphed a little from her original photo and become an oak.Β 
Please join me a while and spend time with Oak and Bench.

“The sun is setting once again. It’s been quite a day hasn’t it old friend?”
Oak stretched out his branches, causing his leaves to rustle gently together before replying. “It has indeed old friend Bench. Has that splinter on your seat broken away yet?”
“Aye. It has indeed. It caused all manner of discomfort in doing so however.”
“What is life without a little discomfort?” came the wise reply. “Do you think old Jim will stop by again tonight?”
“He may” Bench responded. “Although the nights are getting cooler now. He might have found somewhere warmer to sleep for the time being. Heaven knows there is only so much warmth that cardboard and old newspapers can provide a man.”
” ‘Tis true indeed” replied Oak sagely. “I hope he stays warm wherever he lays his head this night”.
Bench remained silent for a time, silently reflecting upon the day just past. He startled a lightly dozing Oak when he spoke again.
“It was wonderful to see young Billy and his family back here again today. It’s been a while.”
“Aye. It has. I’m pleased his arm has healed” came the measured reply.
“Well he certainly wasted no time in clambering back into your branches once more, although I’m not sure his mother has quite recovered from her fright after his last tumble from scaling your heights”.
“Strong is the heart of the mother of boys” he mused. Oak chuckled quietly setting his leaves to rustling once more.
A young couple strolling arm in arm nearby paused to watch, wondering aloud at the lack of breeze and the probable cause behind the sudden movement of the old Oak.
Bench and Oak grew quiet and observed the couple, heads together in conversation once more, pass by before continuing their own dialogue.

Bench, ever the talkative of the two, was the first to break the lengthening silence. “Tania and Guy look happy. Do you recall the afternoon that Guy proposed?”
Oak rustled once more. “Aye. I do. You played no small part on that occasion dear Bench. If you hadn’t been there to provide a place for Tania to sit, I’m sure she would have fainted from the shock of Guy finally ‘popping the question’. They must have been meeting under my branches for nigh on three years prior to that day.”
It was Bench’s turn to chuckle now, causing his aged timbers to creak in protest. “It’s true. It took a while. But they are so wonderfully happy now. I bet in twenty year’s time they’ll be just like Gwen and Barry.”
“Gwen and Barry?” Oak puzzled for a moment. “Gwen and Barry? Oh that’s right! You mean the old couple that sit holding hands whilst they feed the birds and ducks on the pond?”
“That’s them” Bench replied. “They’ve been coming here since my seat timbers were green.”
“You know old Barry used to come here before that don’t you?” Oak asked.
“Really?” Bench creaked in response.
“Yes. Barry worked at that horrid factory on the far side of this park. You know the one. Anyway, he used to come and sit with his back against my trunk during his lunch breaks sharing his lunch with the birds and ducks.”
“Not much has changed then has it? Only now that he doesn’t work at the factory any longer, he brings Gwen along.” Both grew quiet in contemplation.

Oak rustled once more, disturbing the birds who had begun drifting in to roost for the evening. “Well Bench, night is falling. It has been a long day and it’s been lovely talking to you. It’s time for us old ones to rest now.”
” ‘night Oak. The sun will surely rise before we know it and all of our friends will be back to visit once again.”
Sighing slightly, Bench relaxed his timbers watching quietly as the light began to fade and darkness took its place. The peace and companionship between the old friends deepened as the moon rose, softly kissing Bench and Oak as she moved through the sky on her way to meet morning.


33 thoughts on “Inspiration from a photo

  1. I love this! It’s fun to imagine what all they have seen during their time there. That is one reason why I love trees so much. They have seen a time that I will never see, people I will never know, and experienced things that I never will. They have conquered rain, storms, and wind. I’m not a tree hugger, but I do highly respect them.


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