A week in the making

It has taken me a week to pull just about everything out of this room and to clean, sort and declutter.
But I have finished.
The wonderful Garden Gnome put up shelves above my desk so that I could have a clear workspace for study and creating and he also put together a flat pack cupboard to get my fabric out of containers that were all over the place and into some semblence of order.
I have folded and sorted every fabric by colour.
All of my lace doilies for use in crafting now have their own container and ribbons, laces and trims now have their own boxes.I can find things now!!
The top shelf in the wardrobe has been cleared. Some has gone into storage in the garage and some will be going to charity or to my mother for her markets. My books have been culled and so has my papercraft stash. What I couldn’t bear to part with has now been stowed on the top shelf of the wardrobe because after all, once a paper-crafter always a paper-crafter.
Of course the Diva has her nose out of joint because a lot of her hidey-holes are now gone (and she has been chased from the top of the desk whilst trying to get to the shelving) but I’m sure she’ll get used to it.
This room has been a thorn in my side for some time now and finally I have conquered it. It took a week’s worth of baby steps but hey, progress is progress right?
Unfortunately now that the GG can see exactly how much fabric I have, it makes it a little difficult to justify any new purchases lol.

This is a very old ‘Before’ photo. In actual fact the room looked much worse than this before I started this time.

And now for some of the ‘after’ photos.

See there really is a floor under all that!
My fabric stash. They aren’t all Fat Quarters in the baskets. There are quite a lot of large offcuts and remnants folded and placed in there as well.
A perfect space for studying and creating.

I would say that this has been a week well spent. Next task for me is tackling the book cases and cupboards in the back room and then the linen closet! 🙂

Have a great Saturday everyone.


35 thoughts on “A week in the making

    1. It makes it so much easier to do a little at a time Sharon. And I stop when I begin to lose interest or get tired and go and do something else (or nap. Naps are good lol).


    1. I love my window. That’s where my water feature is just outside and I can see the birds in the Grevillea or when the wallabies visit the front lawn. I love it.


      1. That would be so cool! A wallaby is only something I have seen in a zoo–a place I now avoid because it makes me cry to see wild animals placed in cages, in a part of the world that isn’t native to them.


        1. We have quite a few open range zoos here in Australia and I love them. But wallabies and kangaroos I see in the wild all the time. I guess I tend to forget that those from overseas don’t see them that often.


  1. That was certainly a week well spent. It’s great that you have such an inviting place in which to create. Clutter affects the brain, too! I love your new space!


  2. I have declutter, as well as craft room, envy. XD
    Your room after looks amazing! I definitely hope that it makes it much easier to get to the all crafting you want when you want it. ^_^


  3. Great that step by step you have finally got some semblance of order.
    Looking at the before picture, you could have been classified as a hoarder, maybe a visit from American pickers might have been on the cards.


    1. pffftttt…. I wouldn’t say it was hoarding Ian. It was more like laziness to put things away where they should be and therefore everything became overflowing. 😀
      Not sure the American Pickers would find much in my home that I would part with lol


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