Weekend Recap

Last Sunday, our little family was invited to lunch with some lovely young friends of ours at their current place of residence (and the property that they manage) at the base of Mt Barney.
Since we had been promising each other for years (i.e. each time we bumped into each other doing our grocery shopping at Coles in town) that we would get together for a BBQ, we finally made good on the promise. Packing the cheesecake and slice I had made the afternoon before, we set off late morning toward their home. It was a beautiful Sunday. The skies were clear from the winter storm of the previous evening and the weather wasn’t too cold at all.

What can I say? The place is just divine. Not a sound to be heard apart from the laughter of our friends’ children, a visiting neighbour’s child and the Tween. Well there was also the sound of the wind through the trees and birdsong.
We were met by Mia. This little girl had more energy than the Energizer Bunny I am sure and kept us busy all day throwing the same stick over and over again. She’s fast. Sometimes she was out there waiting for the stick before it had even left our hand.

Apologies for the slight blurring of this photo. This could be due to one of two things a) Mia was constantly on the move or b) I was really enjoying my glass of red

We began a tour of the property before lunch but only got as far as the main house, massage room and pool because there was more chatting and catching up than touring taking place. We followed our noses back to the house to be met by the sight of hungry children setting the table and working out seating arrangements for everyone.
Our delicious lunch (including ‘secret recipe’ gourmet beef patties) was accompanied by some wonderful wines from the vineyard itself and lots of laughter. I do believe the GG and Daniel share the same warped sense of humour.
After lunch, I got my camera from the car and we all decided to walk off what we had just consumed by finishing our tour.
We walked through the vineyard and tree farm to the ‘Glamping’ site. It is named “Pecan Camp” due to the large pecan tree the trailer is situated under. The GG asked me to consider coming and spending a couple of days in this little spot on the banks of the Logan River (which isn’t much more than a stream at this point). The camper trailer is under cover and has solar lighting and showers. It also has a sink and running water there. The peace could just about win me over. I could take my camera, a good book to read and my writing tools and just zone out.
039-copyI have decided that I don’t really enjoy scenic photography that much and I suck at it. For some reason I wasn’t able to get too many good photos. The two older girls (the Tween and the neighbour’s child) borrowed my camera from me and had the best time taking photos of each other playing in the leaves. Their photos are so full of fun. Maybe it was the wine that affected me. Who knows?

We continued our walk back along Barney Creek (the vineyard is located in the fork where Barney Creek meets the Logan River) and to the house meeting up with new visitors. After a chat, we headed off up the hill to continue our tour.
The Garden Cottage and The Hill Station were more to my style of accommodation boasting electricity. The Cottage has an old claw foot bath with the most stunning view and the Hill Station has a spa. We didn’t look into the Bungalow as it had guests at the time but apparently it also has a spa. 🙂 The Hill Station is actually the old Logan Village Railway station and has been converted into living quarters. All accommodation is self contained so you can cook for yourself, or Tamara and Daniel can also provide you with wonderful meals. Having tasted their cooking, my appetite has been whetted for a return visit. lol
From the front porch of the Hill Station, the view of the setting sun on Mt Barney, Mt Ernest and Mt Lindesay was breathtaking. (Guess who left the camera back at the main house?)
Being that Sunday was also the Solstice meant that it was the shortest day of the year and night fell rather quickly. The younger children were also getting tired.  It was dark before 5pm. A quick nip of Leo’s Port to warm the cockles of our hearts and we were on our way.

However… we will be back!! (And this time I’ll also take a bird book because we saw so many different birds I have never seen before).

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    1. I was very happy with that photo. I took another one that is very similar. When we go back, I think I will concentrate more on the more detailed photos. I’m not really good with landscapes and stuff.


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