Friday in the land of Oz

Today is officially the last day of school for two weeks. The Tween is all dressed up in blue and off to the second day of her school sports carnival. She is not a competitor but tells me that she ‘coaches’ her friend who is. 🙂
She was telling me this morning that the school has awards for costumes. Yesterday it was for homemade costumes and today the awards are for those that are store bought. She was disappointed that the young fellow who made a blue Tardis didn’t place yesterday but agreed that the three young men who made red Transformers costumes (that actually transformed into a car) were pretty cool. She was also pretty impressed with the Barbies in their boxes that placed. I look forward to hearing what costumes there were at the carnival today.
Today, I am off sewing. I just have to bind the Tween’s quilt. I have spent the week hand sewing lace to the front of it to cover my most obvious mistakes where the ‘tracks’ don’t line up exactly. I still have about 5 more lace pieces to go to finish that. I promise photos when I finally finish. Really.

This morning I have been ‘playing’ in photoshop once more using a photo I took of a flower about four years ago as the base. I do enjoy spending time creating.
Live-in-the-presentI have used this quote from the Buddha before but it is one that I like very much.

Well, this week has not seen much in the way of achievements however it has been a week well spent with loved ones (and that is always a blessing).
I did get the linen closet sorted out and I have been working on the quilt. My house is not ‘neat as a pin’ but it is comfortable. Migraines have been plaguing me this week. Not sure why but I hope they pass soon. 😦
The coming two weeks will be very relaxed as the Miss won’t be at school. We are discussing the option of going away for a road trip for a week or so out west. I would like to go a fair way but finances limit how much time we can take to travel and how far we go. We’re also going to go and spend a couple of days with my parents.
In the event of going away, I will schedule my posts and check in when I can on my iPad. 🙂 No use posting on that thing as it drives me insane. lol

Well everyone. Have a lovely day. 🙂 It sure is beautiful here in my part of Oz. The sun is shining. The magpies are warbling. The day is clear and cold. The Garden Gnome is off bushwalking again this morning in the mountains and a part of me is jealous because I love being in the mountains. (I just dislike climbing them on two legs). I am meeting up with friends for sewing and a chat. What more could a girl want?

I hope you also have a blessed day. 🙂

27 thoughts on “Friday in the land of Oz

    1. It’s a lot of fun Rusha. I used to design for the digital scrapbooking market and sold my designs in a few online stores. I’ve also had some real (like you can hold in your hand) scrapbook papers and stamps made from my designs. I learned by trial and error whilst I was doing all this and now I use it with my photography.


  1. Here in the Utah desert (USA) it is only 37 today, sunny and breezy. Beautiful. We just got back from an hour in the pool. It will be 43 in 4 days, so we’re enjoying the cool. But it really is dry in the desert.


  2. Nice to read that you have times together with your loved ones Sue 🙂
    When your migraine are bad, try to lay down and ask for a reason, you will get ideas for the reason. Could it be the economy here and now? Or maybe something else. It worked for me to do so.


    1. I honestly believe that my migraines are hormonal Irene. It’s just the luck of the draw which days my hormones decide that they want to misbehave lol


  3. Suz, that’s so sweet that your daughter supports her friend at the sports carnival.
    I can’t believe you think you haven’t had any accomplishments lately. A handmade quilt and closet cleaning are big accomplishments! And all this with a migraine! Don’t sell yourself short!


    1. Thanks my dear. 🙂
      The Tween showed me a gorgeous photo last night that one of her other friends had taken after her friend had just competed and won an event. Apparently the Tween’s friend had run and jumped into my daughter’s arms. The photo is just darling really. 🙂


  4. The world is all going well for you Sue by the sounds of it.
    Enjoy the school holidays with thr Tween and your travels.
    Australia is a beautiful place where contentment can be found quite easily.


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