A week in the making

It has taken me a week to pull just about everything out of this room and to clean, sort and declutter.
But I have finished.
The wonderful Garden Gnome put up shelves above my desk so that I could have a clear workspace for study and creating and he also put together a flat pack cupboard to get my fabric out of containers that were all over the place and into some semblence of order.
I have folded and sorted every fabric by colour.
All of my lace doilies for use in crafting now have their own container and ribbons, laces and trims now have their own boxes. Continue reading

Inspiration from a photo

Leanne Cole posted a photo yesterday and asked those who may be inspired to pen their thoughts using her photo as their inspiration. Her post entitled A Photo That Inspires Words has certainly inspired many judging by the comments on her post so far. I am slowly working my way through the many inspirational words penned by others and I am loving what I am reading.
I printed out the photo to use as my muse however didn’t have it in the shower with me when the first ideas began to take hold. Therefore my sheltering tree has morphed a little from her original photo and become an oak.  Continue reading

Pausing to reflect

This week there has been a couple of things that have made me pause and reflect on my life and just what is happening at this point.
The first occurred the other day when I went for my Mother’s Day massage. (It was a gift from The Son and his wife and I finally made the appointment with my friend the other day to have it done). Mandy (my friend and ex-colleague) also incorporates Reiki into the end of her massage. She is a wonderful person and quite intuitive.
When I arrived, she had three cards laid out on the table. She said that she had been led to pull them from her affirmation deck that morning. Continue reading

Choosing a path

Sometimes it is not one thing but a combination that opens your eyes to what is possible (or to teach you something).
As part of my studies, I belong to a Facebook group that is for students, mentors, and past students to share with each other. Last night I read a post by a man who is facing a personal crisis in his life and is not sure where to go or what to do. He reached out through the group.
Being behind on my studies, I felt I was not qualified to give advice and so I left the post alone however this morning I woke up thinking about it and then whilst searching Mr Google for inspiration for today’s post, I stumbled across a meme (in the endless sea of memes on the internet) that spoke to me. It spoke to me because it offered insight not only for the answer to this man’s question but to my own journey in life. Continue reading

Through my Lens – Clarence and Oberon

After a good night’s sleep, we set off bright and early the next morning to continue our holiday. Many years previously, the Garden Gnome and I had spent time in the Blue Mountains (without children) and had visited the Zig Zag Railway. We enjoyed ourselves immensely and had the opportunity of riding up front with the driver on the day that we visited. It was the middle of an Australian summer and it got pretty hot in there shovelling coal into the engine’s fire pit but it was a lot of fun. We wanted to visit again and this time had our little girl along for the ride. Continue reading

Totally Random

I’m having one of those days where the inspiration has just gone….zap! Just like that. Along with the inspiration has gone my motivation to do anything.
At one time I would dream about doing absolutely nothing all day and lately it seems like I am having a run of ‘nothing accomplished’ days. Although I wouldn’t say that I achieved absolutely nothing yesterday. I did manage to spend some quality time with the GG and read some more of my book. lol
I also spent time catching up with one of my ex-colleagues when she called around and we shared some laughs. So I guess it wasn’t a totally ‘wasted’ day at all.
Today is Saturday.
Saturdays are generally days full of promise being the first day of the weekend and all that. It’s kind of drab outside today. It looks like some much needed rain has been falling in some areas. We still haven’t seen it but stranger things have happened. Continue reading

“Enjoying” nature

After I had finished my blog post and caught up with emails yesterday, I went out to the kitchen to eat breakfast and do the little things that need to be done of a morning. Once the Tween was off to school, the GG turned to me and said “I’m going for a walk this morning”.
“Okay” I replied.
“Come with me.”
Thoughts jumbled through my head with the predominant one being “It’s Wednesday. He must mean he is going to walk into town to buy the local paper. Sounds great. I’ll come.” However in the next breath he said “I’m going out to Barney“.
Suddenly the headache that I already had  began throbbing in my temples even harder and I remembered that the “Fish Man” was to come that afternoon. Continue reading